what you teach your 20 old baby

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Aug 31, 2016

hi all. please let me know what you all teach your 20 months baby. is this a right age to teach anything else we should put effort only when they start to speak and understand things

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| Aug 31, 2016

Hello Arika. Babies grasp things going around from its very tender age. Do not be under the conception that babies do not understands anything coz they have not come to the age of speaking. The difference of analysing things in being right or wrong grows slowly but what ever is happening around the baby, whatever is said, done. every thing is absorbed by the child. It is just that baby is not assimilating words and speaking. Hence, communicate everything to your baby. Name every object that grabs his/her attention. The more you communicate, more your child will learn. Happy Parenting.

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| Sep 01, 2016

Thank you Ruchika. Will consider your advise.

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