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Updated on Mar 13, 2019

hello all parents, i'm father of 8 years 3rd grader single daughter. as she is growing her curiosity is increasing and i'm being stuck in answering all of them. i mostly answer all of her questions and that in truth. i took her with me everywhere so that she learns people, situations, surroundings around. i want her to be resourceful and outgoing so that she can better tackle his futures without any nervous and hesitation. recently i was standing on pharmacy (medicine shop) for some multi vitamins. such pharmacy displays rows of condoms at the front counter. seeing that my daughter asked me, 'what's that dad?'. i stuck and told her that i'll answer her on the way to home. fortunately she forgot it later and i was relaxed. my fear is that i can encounter this situation again. there are two things: 1. is she in right age to get answered the facts behind. telling her the truth she could come up with more questions and i fear she unnecessary get jumbled! 2. i don't want to be lier father. if i answer it differently and if she get the fact later somehow she may presume me as lier. how to tackle this situation? how shall i answer her?

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| Mar 13, 2019

hi om! i can understand yr apprehension. begin from the beginning in age appropriate language, tell her just what is right for her without going into details as u rightly mentioned ,this might lead to more unnecessary questions which she need not know now..

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| Mar 29, 2019

hi... v need to avoid going to such places where such things are displayed.... n if u go u shud tc that ur child doesn't catch sight of such things... keep her busy n divert her.... u shud be careful instead of being honest n truthful... it's not the age that such things be disclosed to them

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