When baby will start sitting by their own

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Created by Arshita Sethiya
Updated on Dec 14, 2015

Hello, my daughter is completed 7 month but still she is not sitting by her own. She is crolling but not able to sit. could you please let me know when she will start sit by her own.

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| Dec 19, 2015

Hi my son too is 7 months . even he does not sit. But walks with the help of walker

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| Dec 19, 2015

Hi Arshita.. yes, it is different for all babies but even I had the same question as yours and suddenly my 8 and half month old daughter started sitting on her own! that was around 10-15 days after she completed 8 months so you never know! However, she started crawling a little first and then sat.

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| Dec 17, 2015

My baby boy is 1 month old now. And he looks very weak physically. Everyone suggest do massage and expose him to direct sunlight this will help him to develop. I am unable to do it because of winters there is lack of good sunlight and doctor advised to do extra care from cold. Is there anyone who can suggest me what to do?

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| Dec 14, 2015

Hi arshita, please note that every child has his or her own growth pattern. My kid started rolling over when he was about 4 months and crawling and sitting pretty early.. As early as 5. 5 months I know a lot of kids who do not learn to sit up even when they are 10 months and start walking also around the same time. So please do not worry too much. Just ensure that you are keeping a track of all the vaccinations and even the strength of your kid as far as nutrition and massage is concerned. It's very important for the kid to have a strong spine and calf muscles to be able to sit up and start walking. I give mine a regular massage everyday with Dabur Lal tail, and olive oil mixed together for winter's. It has helped him a lot. This is for legs. For body face and hair, I use baby biotique almond oil. Allow time to your child. Help you child to grow up freely. Happy Parenting!!

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