when child will start rollover


Created by Priya
Updated on Feb 16, 2013

My son is now 4 months old. His head holding is not good and he is not trying to rollover. Is that a problem and how long we can wait 

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| Feb 19, 2013

Thanks all for your comments.. being relaxed now :) let me wait

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| Feb 18, 2013

I suppose you can wait for some more time, as babies differ in their timings. My daughter never crawled, for example. So you cant say when is a good time for what. However, I do suggest you go to a pediatrician to get your child checked. S/he will be the best person to tell you that you have nothing to worry about.

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| Feb 16, 2013

Hi Priya.... this is nothing serious..... my son is 5 and half months old and has started rollover around 10 days back... so you need to wait as he can start anytime which differs from child to child....

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| Feb 16, 2013

Hi Priya. My son turns one next week and he has never rolled over! We waited and waited but it never happened. He has full control of his movements and rolls on to his tummy when sleeping but never when playing or at bath time. We all were concerned for the first few months, but when we saw him sit and learn to crawl, we figured that he would probably never roll over. Since your baby is only 4 months old, he still has time and it may happen any day. You need not worry just as yet :) Hope this helps.

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