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Which board is the best among SSC, ICSE and CBSE

Shivani Kulkarni

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Updated on Dec 19, 2012

I have a 8yrs daughter. During her admission we were very confused that which bord to put her into. We sty in Mumbai. My husband was of the strong feeling that SSC is the best since we have no chances of shifting out of Mumbai.   With no proper guidance from anyone we finally put her into SSC board in Rustomjee International School which is a good school for SSC.   Still sometimes I feel if she would have been in ny other board, maybe she would be more smarter, bold... not really sure though.   Now I have a one and half yer old son... Again same admission thoughts are worrying me.   Please do guide me in this matter!!   Thanks. Shivani Kulkarni

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| Jun 03, 2015

Hi Shivani Kulkarni CBSE and ICSE are almost similar except that when the child gets to higher classes the syllabus might get a bit tougher. Actually, more than the syllabus, I think it is the exams that are tougher in ICSE. But, one great thing about ICSE is the detailed English syllabus. English is the primary subject as far as ICSE is concerned. The student will be awarded a certificate even if he/she fails in Maths or Science but not in English. The idea is that you have to pass English and a required number of other papers. But the child is guaranteed to be well versed in English if he/she studies in ICSE for 10 years. A child has the opportunity to learn two complete Shakespeare's plays by the the time she passes Plus-2. CBSE earlier was having a higher standard but now it has come down to the level of SSC. The syllabus is nowadays more or less similar to SSC. As you said, there is a plan to merge these syllabuses. This may be seen as an initial step. The problem with CBSE is that it doesn't encourage the study of local languages. Also, the English teaching is sub-standard in most schools. Of course, if you can find a good school that is affiliated to CBSE then it won't matter. SSC is perhaps the easiest syllabus to study. I feel it is also the most systematic. It doesn't put much pressure on the children. But, the problem is that we can hardly find any good schools that follow this syllabus and that is a very serious issue. Because, what's the use of studying if it is not in good schools and not being taught by competent teachers?

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Leena Bahl

| May 02, 2015

According to my experience rather go by what kind of atmosphere child is exposed to at home. If child is given more independence, encouraged to make own decisions, able to choose what he/she wants to learn go for IB. You will need to give more time to child to set his/her learning goals initially. If given balance between studies and co curricular then CBSE. As CBSE follows more of structured pattern exactly defines what outcome is expected of learning activity.

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Shivani Kulkarni

| Aug 16, 2013

Thanks for the info Roshan!

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| Aug 12, 2013

Hi. I G C S E is followed in U. K.. so if u are planning to send your child abroad for further education u can consider this. There are 2 boards that conduct these exams. Cambridge board n the edexcel board. International schools teach this curriculum. Hope this helps.

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Shivani Kulkarni

| Feb 08, 2013

Thanks a lot for the inputs everyone. Now-a-days we also come across IGCSCE board! Do you all have any thoughts on this when we should prefer this board, what are its pros/ cons?

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Shaily Jain

| Feb 08, 2013

Yeah SSE does restrict children to small world as the focus on local language is more in them. On the reverse CBSE and ICSE overall development of child is comparatively more.

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| Dec 20, 2012

Hi Shivani, as a parent I feel SSC does restrict the child somewhere as the overall exposure and experiences seem to be limited. For your little boy, you may want to consider CBSE / ICSE.

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| Dec 19, 2012

hey shivani... its true that the board has a role to play in the overall development of the child, but having said that you could do a lot even as a parent through focused interventions. Moreover your son is really young right now and you would need to evaluate the board after another 2 years or so. Overall, the choice of school should be driven by what kind of a surrounding, and developmental inputs would you want for your child. CBSE focuses more on the syllabus and offlate on project based learning, whereas ICSE has been about electives as children grow older for allround development. SSC does lack in these at times in comparison to good CBSE and ICSE schools. Also CBSE and ICSE schools give you a flexibility of locations across India, especially CBSE. But state board is a lil rigid on location. here are a couple of blogs on parentune for your reading, do read and let us know your perspective as a mother. Right now, the utmost important thing for both of your children is to know that you are around and for you to know that what you can contribute to both your children's development can't be replaced by any school. :) 1. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/books-you-cannot-miss-for-your-child-till-heshe-is-10-years-old/197 2. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/challenges-to-urban-parenting/160

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