which shampoo and soap for my baby

Neha Sharma

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Jul 03, 2014

I have been blessed with a baby boy 20 days ago. His umbilical cord has healed. Till now I was using only plain water to sponge him and clean him. But now the doctor tells me I can start using market made soaps and shampoos and other things on him. am very nervous of all the products available. Please help me choose for my baby.

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| Jul 15, 2014

pears - original is a good option. Have used it on my babies and it suited them well.

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Charuta Modak

| Jul 05, 2014

For an infant its best that you do not use any soap since their skin is very sensitive. You can use Cetaphil cleansing solution since its a medicated one. Its not a soap so it wont gather foam. so pls do not rub it on his body to gather foam. It can be used on only face or entre body as well. This solution is recommended by dermatologists too for kids. You can verify by asking your pediatrician or any dermatologist.

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Ayushi Narula

| Jul 03, 2014

My doctor suggested Dove for my son skin type,from the first month i used dove. There are many other options jhonson n jhonson, sparsh etc

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Ankita A Talwar

| Jul 03, 2014

Hi Neha, there are many brands in the market today. Most large format retail stores and pharmacies stock them. You could check out the range of products and take a decision based on the product utility, reputation of the brand, and also any specific benefits the product will give (for eg: there are anti-bacterial wipes available these days which might be given a choice or mosquito repellent wipes etc). Also, I would suggest you by only one generic product like a tip-to-toe body wash and give it a try. Notice any allergic reactions such as skin drying or scaling. If all is well, then you can try out more products from the brand. hope this helps.

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| Jul 03, 2014

Hi Neha, I can understand your anxiety. It might be a good option to consult a doctor before you decide to go ahead with a product. Another thing you can try is buying a product from a renowned brand and doing a patch test on your son. You could do this on a small portion of his skin to ensure that the product does not cause any allergies. Once you and your son are comfortable with the product, you can give it the green signal.

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| Jul 03, 2014

Hi Neha . There are too many options dese days . I visited a store lately found lot of new brands for children . Look for jhonson n jhonson, pears, pigeon and lot more .. You can check which has least chemichals.

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