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Wht to teach 3+

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Created by AM
Updated on Jun 29, 2013

Hi Gals,   My son(3. 5yrs) just started talking so now i m teaching n telling him just basic things... which 2+ kids knows (Like recognation of Alphabets, numbers, veggies name, general items names etc. ) M just wondering wht else shud i teach/tell him in intersting way n learn... way so tht he will learn things faster. I would really appreciate if you all could help me in this regard. Tks. AM

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| Jul 03, 2013

Agree wit shikha.

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| Jun 30, 2013

hi Shikha.... Tks a lot for telling thing in details. Pls do share with me more. Ur suggestion wud b very helpful to me. Honestly speaking all these thing never came to my mind. Tks again.

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| Jun 30, 2013

Hi AM! U can teach ur child opposites like tall short, up down, fat thin etc, by giving examples from day to day life. For example- u can use toys to show tall n short concept. U can teach him odd one out. For example- u can keep four pencils and one crayon and ask him to keep d odd one out. U can also teach him finding the missing things like taking two similar pics with one or two Things missing in one if those. U can also reach him match d column by making pics on one side n he has to match the same pics made in random order on other side. U can teach him animals and names of their younger ones. Animals and their homes, animals and their sounds. u can teach him land water and air transport. U can reach him basic colours n give examples from day to day life. For example u can follow particular colour days at home like red colour day so he will be wearing red tee, playing with red ball or toys, eating red things like cherry apple etc. u can teach him counting one to ten with beads. U can teach him shapes for example finding all square shaped objects in his room. A

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