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why my 4 years daughter behaving like a matured person?

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Created by Pavithra Bijukumar
Updated on Mar 28, 2014

My daughter is 4 yrs old. I felt many times that my daughter is behaving like a matured person. She is very independent. Today her teacher told me that before she used to be more affectionate, but now a days she is not doing so. So she advised me to love her and spend more time with my daughter. I am worried about her. She is not doing any useful activities also, even though she is a hyper active child.  I am also getting more angry now a days and i won't to talk to her... even a single word, if she do something bad.... and it might extend up to 2 days... then also what i felt about her is, she is not much bothered about that..... she will take care of herself and is she wants any help, she will approach her father... Sometimes i will feel, the mistake is within us( me and my husband)..   you please suggest me some tips for handling this type of children?   Regards, Pavithra

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| Mar 30, 2014

Thank u Arunima and Lakshmi for giving useful advise.. I will try to follow this.... Some times we feels, whatever we are doing is correct.. But if someone will point out that to be wrong, then we have to rectify that... thanks a lot..

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| Mar 29, 2014

And am not sure what u mean when u say Shez not doing any useful activities! Shez just a small child, let her do whatever she loves to do. Identify atleast one thing she loves to do, colouring or reading or board games or simply pretend play... Anything... Use that activity to sit down with her and play along... This way, she ll know u r involved and interested in her! 1 hour daily playing and laughing together with ur child will bring a lot of difference. Hope this helps, good luck!

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| Mar 29, 2014

Hi Pavithra, I agree with Anurima. Please don't ignore ur child and stop talking to her. If she realizes that she can get things done through her dad when u r upset, she might ignore u and go to her dad. So, any day that is not the solution. I have a 3. 5 yr old girl too. I always sit down with her and talk it out.

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| Mar 28, 2014

Dear Pavithra. Distancing yourself from your 4 year old for days together will not have a good effect on her. Kindly change this immediately. I have a 5 year old and if she does something I do not approve of, I make her understand why she should not do it. It is important to remain calm even if you are angry. My daughter understands the situation and almost never repeats it. We forgive and move on. Your child is certainly bothered by the fact that you dont speak to her for up to 2 days. Children of this age are very impressionable. Please try and have a positive influence on her- spend more time with her, read to her, take her grocery shopping, take her to the park or a stroll.. 4 year olds love to talk, let her talk while you listen; answer her endless questions but please dont ignore her for days. I am sorry if I sound too direct, but I would request you, as a family, to work on changing the circumstance around before it is too late. Good luck Pavithra and hope my suggestion helps.

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