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Why they fight

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 01, 2016

Both my kids fight

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| May 01, 2016

Hi Stella Parker! How r u? Intact,Siblings not fighting is something unusual. Little bit of fighting is healthy to make the bond stronger that kids share with each other. But in case u feel it's going in extremes and affecting your day to day life , its advisable to make them sit and lay down the rules of the house. A. No complaints about each other should reach u. They have to solve issues between themselves. B. If they have to fight they will go their room and fight in closed doors and not just anywhere. C. Allocate them chores which they are expected to finish with each others help such as laying dinner table, arranging their room or keeping their belongings at their respective place. E. No fighting outside the house or at school. If u get to know about it ,they will be deprived of their privileges. F. sharing of things is a must. They have to share or they will not get any gifts in future. G. Most importantly no physical fights. No matter who begins both will be grounded after that. Also Stella it's important no one at home compares them or takes sides or scolds one for another. Whatever they get be it rewards or punishment ,they should get an equal share. Give them opportunities that they work together like helping each other in getting ready, organizing picnics,planning surprises for family members . Take it easy Stella . Kids fight and they forget everything and play together after a while. Fights are a part and parcel of the lovely bond that they share. Keep your cool and think of possible ways to make this fight turn into a light scene and you all could share a laugh. As laughter is the best medicine and it reunites hearts. Don't forget to hug them and spend time with both of them and listen to what they have to say. Hope this helps!

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