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why your child does not hear you!! what they are angry ever time you talk you them when to know the reason behind catch this..

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 07, 2017

hello parents ! lets go to that day when your child came to this world in your arms!! you look at his/her face it's so pure! you felt some Angel come in my life ! so beautiful! so fearless ! no anger! no tension! no emotional sides like you and me!! slowly as they grow their mind copy! what they see! what they feel! what they observe! by who? I tell you by with whom they live!! we are the one who transfer those emotions into them.. we forget to check is it a good or bad one.. fear! And anger! they are the two evil emotions.. once sit down and think about it.. try it out for today if your child show any anger you smile in return.. once.. twice.. n thrice.. speak it to them.. baby I am not angry!! why you are !!! transfer the habit of smiling from you to your lovely cute babies.. say them you don't look good when you do that!! you look beautiful with a smile!! agar aap gusse hoge toh hum dhukhi (sad) hojaenge.. try it do it for the shake of your child you love.. love them they will give you that in return thanks and do forgive me if my any words have hurt you..

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| Apr 07, 2017


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