working mother of 2 daughters, and not able to handle things right... I guess!!!

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Updated on Jul 27, 2017

Hello Everyone, I am a working mother of 2 girls aged 14 and 5. My elder daughter (Ria) is into teens so I understand that she is in that phase of tantrums and irritated mood swings, whereas we have been more like friends. But recently she has started losing her temper and doesn't want to listen at all. The change might be due to her cousin brother (my sisters son) who is moving in with us for his further studies. My mother resides with me and Ria is very attached to her. So I guess Ria (elder daughter) is feeling that her space is been taken over. Now my second worry is about my younger daughter (Saira). I am not able to understand that why she is not able to adjust in the school. She doesn't like to go to school, she doesn't want to study . She is not able to grasp things quickly. Therefore is not liking the studies. the school is moving fast and she is not able to cope up with pressure. I sincerely don't want to put her under pressure but also worried . Please help and suggest. Thank You Sonia

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| Jul 27, 2017

hi Sonia! i would like to ask a few questions first for a better understanding of the situation: has her cousin already shifted to your place? has Ria told u herself that she doenst like the idea of him moving in? u think there could be any other reason for her such behavior such as anything to do with peer group, or not getting enough attention at home or mood swings due to hormonal changes. please try and spend quality time with her and find out what irks her and triggers such kind of behavior. regarding your lil one, have u recently changed her school? if no, then why do u think she is still not able to adjust ? i believe studies alone can't be the reason. please try and speak to her classmates or friends and her teachers who would share with u about her behavior in class, her friends circle , and teachers would be able to tell u the areas u need to focus on. please answer these questions so that we could help u better.

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