worms decreases appetite?

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Updated on Aug 19, 2016

my daughters appetite is very low.. she doesnt take milk from the biggning.. neither intrestd in anything.. she refyses everything... she is 2. 4 yrs. plz suggest the ways to help out.

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| Aug 20, 2016

Hi , ask ur Dr for deworming syrup Dr prescribed "Multilive" a vitamin n mineral syrup which wil increase d appetite ask ur Dr too son s 1. 5 yrs

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| Aug 21, 2016

Absolutely should go for deworming

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| Aug 22, 2016

my daughter also doesnt drinkmilk & refuses everything. i did deworming but was of no use. Appetizers help a bit. so go for it. She still doesnt eat much inspite appetizers too. but i discussed with some other moms, read on internet & came to know that kids have strong taste buds between 2 & 3 years & they say no to food. so now i dont force her at all & try to feed her after every hour & get satisfied with whatever she eats in a full day. i also calmed down after My friend told me that her daughter was same & survived only on milk till she was 4 & started eating everything after she was 5 all of sudden. so waiting for the child to grow a bit is the only solution. Also my doctor advised me to put my daughter in the play school early(which i did) as kids usually start eating after seeing other kids. also kids share tiffin in school so u get an idea what ur child may like to eat. So waiting for child to grow & hit & trial method is the only solution. another thing that has helped me little is showing cartoons of chhota bheem & other superheroes to the child & tell them to eat to be strong like them. i measure my daughters height against cupbpard handles, cabinet shelves & tell her to eat to become taller than them.

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| Aug 23, 2016

thanks divya ..m also trting hard to make her eat.. she is at the same time hyperexcited so very difficult child.

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