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Created by Pritha Roy
Updated on Oct 10, 2015

My doctor us suggesting me get afmit prior 15days of my due date. I am unable to understand the reason begind this. Whereas i have ni such complecations. Please can anyone explain me the logic behind this. And what to tell the doctor as i want a normal delivery.

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| Oct 13, 2015

Hi, it's your right to be informed as to why she wants you to not wait for a normal delivery.. you should tel your doctor that you would like to wait n see if you can have a normal delivery.. if she says no then you have every right to ask her why.. you should definitely make an informed decision so that you accept it whole heartedly

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| Oct 11, 2015

Dear Pritha! I would request you to consult yr doc regarding same and discuss in detail what she has in her mind. Talk to her about your apprehensions and what you have planned. It's difficult to predict what the actual case may be without seeing yr last reports. Take good care of yrself.

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| Oct 10, 2015

Thank u for your valuable comments. I am trying to think positive in every possible ways. But my dr has never complained about child not gaining weight or anything such. My concern is why is she not waiting for the normal birth process. Can u clear my doubts?

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| Oct 10, 2015

Hi Pritha! There could be many reasons for a doc to suggest so ranging from large for date foetus, or a baby not gaining weight etc. Please don't let negative thoughts overtake. Trust yr doc. Discuss yr concerns with her and clarify yr doubts. If u still feel you didn't get satisfactory answers which u have complete right to ask from yr doc, u could take second opinion on the same with yr last test reports on the basis of which she decided,u should get admitted 15 days prior to due date. Have faith in GOD, everything should be fine.

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