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Worried about food for my 3 yr son

3 to 7 years

Created by Padma Latha
Updated on Apr 12, 2016

Very lazy to hav a food... liquids more like... worried about food...

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| Aug 08, 2016

wow Shikha those really are nice tips I admit.. Fun stories related to food helps a lot so even child likes to eat food as well the relationship bond gets stronger between mother n child or whoever is feeding them like grandma or father etc. Secondly I would also suggest you to give variety of taste in one platter like if you give roti sabji wraps give him one roti gudor sakkhar wrap or jam roti wrap .. while u give rice or idli with that u also give them some crunchy item like papad or homemade namkeen or farsan item ..

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| Apr 12, 2016

Yeah sure shikha... it helps me alot... thanks for d tips.... hope he enjoys through dis

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| Apr 12, 2016

Hi Padma latha! How r u! Some children are very active and find it difficult to sit at one place and finish their food. It's practically not feasible for a parent to run after them for every meal. If that's the issue it is advisable to make more of handy food which child can pick in hands and finish. Some of the examples could be sandwiches, tortillas filled with veggies, roti wraps filled with soybean granules or bharwan parantahs with filling of dal or veggies or potatoes, or u could try roll roll dosas, idli, cutlets, bread rolls, home made burgers and pizzas etc. if your child doesn't like having solid food because he finds it difficult to swallow then u could begin with semi solid food such as fruit custards, smoothies, kheers, pudding, soufflé in desserts and dalia, upma, poha, khichri, sevian with veggies as savouries. Make sure u sit along and have a plate for yourself too and keep praisng the food in between 'wow its yummy! Its delicious' . U could narrate a story in between how when Pooh ate the same food he became strong and big. Padma Add life to it and u both will enjoy the meal time. Hope this helps!

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