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Created by Kruti
Updated on Dec 22, 2015

My daughter is 4 month old bt still she is not keeping her head straight it gets tilted when I hold her in my arms... Worried... if any one experience the same Pls share... or wt shld i do... Thanx in adv...

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| Dec 25, 2015

Hi Kruti.. Like all the mothers, you too have a very right concern. My son didnt hold his neck properly untill 6 months. Sonits completely normal. But yes, there are few things, i can suggest. Massage his neck daily twice a day, along with the back. This really helps. Secondly, what ma massage maid use to dontonmy son also helped him. She use to keep my baby on her legs resting him on his back and with his head fitted in between her legs(not too tight) it should be a firm hold. After fixing the neck in between just gently turn your baby on left and right side, keeping his body straight. This is a very very good exercise. And within just 15 days, you will see the results. Happy Parenting.

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| Dec 24, 2015

Hey its completely normal.. its just that she need some. more time to. strenghthen her neck... every baby is different...

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| Dec 23, 2015

I think u must discuss this with ur child's doctor also.. My baby was fully active at 3rd month.

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| Dec 22, 2015

Hi kruthi.. Every kid is unique ... Some stands their head at 7th month also .. So I think u don't need to worry...

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| Dec 22, 2015

Hi kruti my son head stand correctly by 5 th month so dnt worry .

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