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Updated on Aug 24, 2017

my 5 yr old son doesn't write.. he feels it to be boring.. what should I do

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| Aug 24, 2017

hi Jayshree! writing indeed is a tedious process , especially for children as they need to concentrate which means no fun,. they need to sit at one place which again means getting stuck to a table and a chair and also it means holding the pencil and getting alphabets correctly till Mumma says it's correct.. sometimes getting 10 words with proper formation of alphabets becomes a dreadful task for parents . how to make it interesting depends on following factors: right seating place, correct posture ,right writing tools, right pencil grip,child's mood and of course parents willpower and patience. it's advisable to make sure u have correct combination of all these factors to make writing a fun filled process. also make sure u have along with patience and a dictionary of words for positive feedback , stickers and rewards to offer to the child . keep motivating him, try to begin with thicker crayons, colored pencils . u could make your munchkin practice on a slant board kept at an angle of 45 degrees, let him scribble and draw what ever he pleases to. hope this helps!

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| Aug 24, 2017

my son is 4years and 4months old.... he is not like to write.. not even forceably..... what should i do.....

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