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Updated on Jul 20, 2015

Hi All,   I'm confused with my son's writing style. He has a good grip with left hand for eating, catching a ball, scribbling. He is trying to do the same thing with right hand, after observing other kids at school. he starts with left, end up with right after seing. Teachers say that he is ok with right hand too.   But during our holiday time, (he was not with the kids of his age during the trip) we observed that he is more comfortable with left hand.   the problem is he is not able to write "A" even after a month. I can wait for him to learn that. But kindly let me know, when can i exactly know through which hand he can write?

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| Jul 20, 2015

Yamini! Your child shall pick his prefernce real soon and that should be his writing hand. He would aldo complain of a pain in the hand or something similar with the wrong hand and not so for the dominant hand. You could encourage him to choose either one basis his comfort.

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| Jul 21, 2015

Yamini, From what you have written, your son seems more like left handed. You can in fact check his dexterity without his knowledge by throwing a ball to him and check which hand he uses more often, give him a cup of milk or water and see which hand he uses to pick it up, ask him to pick up things from the floor. another exercise is make him use a racket to hit a ball against the wall continuously for 20 times standing closer to the wall so he doesn't have enough time to give rest for his hand. now switch his hand and make him do the same with the other hand. keep repeating this exercise alternating his hand. As nitin said at one point one hand would become weak, sooner than the other. The other hand is most likely his dominant hand. But in rare cases some people can be ambidextrous and would feel comfortable with both. But please check if his teacher or anyone in your family is forcing him to use the right hand for writing. Forcing one to change hand would affect his handwriting, his interest in writing and his studies too in future. Let him know that he is free to use any hand he is comfortable with and it's ok to be different from others.

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