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Updated on Sep 16, 2016

how to motivate my son to write fast

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| Sep 16, 2016

my son is 6yrs old. he is not at all writing. when I ask him to write he will start to write but start asking me number of questions but he will not write. I am unable to understand what to do

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| Sep 17, 2016

hi Deepa ! I understand your concerns. Most of the times when children hold pencil incorrectly , their fingers hurt and writing becomes a dreadful activity for them and they try to shirk writing. it's important that we check that they are holding a pencil correctly using three fingers (tripod grasp). give him enough exercise for developing fine motor skills for instance cutting a picture with scissors from an old magazine. or other playway methods such as throwing the ball in air and catching it, using tweezers to transfer grains from one bowl to another, tracing words etc. Deepa be her role model and write diary or pages in good handwriting in front of him. also bring age appropriate books and make reading a ritual at home. bring innovation in planning games that involve writing and inturn foster his writing skills. to begin with divide work into small chunks so that he doesn't dread writing. for instance he could write just one page at a time. praise him when he does finish his work well. reward him with his favorite dish etc. hope this helps!

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