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Yelling habit and does not get along with other kids

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 25, 2016

Hello Everyone, I am asking the same question which I have asked a couple of months back at Parentune. My daughter is 3. 8 months old and is a single child. She lives with my in laws and a maid whole day. And I come in the evenings. She yells a lot for each and possible reason. I have lost my patience and now she is too much. One more thing which I have observed in her from a couple of months that she doesn't get along with other kids of same age group when I take her to the park. If somebody teases then she makes sad faces and stand still. Sometimes she plays alone and others kids are playing together. I am so fed up of her behaviour that I have told that I will not take you to the park and she promised me that she will not tell and will play with others. But nothing happens as per her promise. So same situation arises nxt time when we go to the park Your suggestions are always welcome Thanks Taruna

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| Jul 25, 2016

Hi Taruna, I really understand your concern. Kids shout when they want our attention . Spending more time with the kid, giving them a patient hearing , engaging them in conversations, involving them in activities along with the parent will make them feel more cared for and they will stop behaving that way. All kids do not start mingling with others easily. They take their own time to start feeling comfortable with other children . She also happens to be a single child so that also could be a reason. If she has started going to school , see who she refers to more often in class. You could try inviting that kid /kids home or taking out your kid with that friend of hers to the park. When kids start getting comfortable with the other kids , they will start playing with them. Don't force them to do something, that itself will create a mind block. Just go with the flow. All the Best. I am a mother of 2 kids , one 6yr old and the other 2, and I have written what I practice with my kids. Hope this works for you as well.

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