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Updated on Apr 28, 2016

My daughter (3. 5 years old) is a single child at home and I stay with my in-laws. I am totally pissed of her yelling habit on each and everything. Even if she gets hurts a little, she simply starts yelling and she never calls anybody. Whenever this situation arises, someone from home can come and listen to her. I know children do this because they want to seek the attention of their elders. I am trying my best to get rid of this by not listening to her and I keep on telling that Raizel whenever u need something or u get hurt, just call mamma and I will solve your problem else mamma doesn’t listen to cry baby. I have started telling her that Raizel is a happy baby or Raizel is a shining star and shining star does not cry but nothing is helping much. From past few months, she yells on everything that happened to her. Even if we do not come to her in a second when she is calling us, she will start screaming at a high volume which is quite irritating. Even she plays with any of her friend, then also she does the same thing. I am not sure if being single child at home is a problem. Please help me what to do. Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.

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| Apr 28, 2016

Hi again! I appreciate the way u have been patiently dealing with this situation. Tanuja u could make a video without letting her know and show it to the child when she is calm and explain how this behavior is not appropriate. Tell her how she could have behaved to express her frustration. May be she can talk about it or she can express through gestures which would be a nice game and u have to guess how she feels with her expressions(dumb charades). Find out what makes her irritable. Help her by adding a positive thing to things with which she gets irritable. For instance if she falls down let her know that each time she falls down she becomes taller by a cm. mark her height on the wall and show how taller she has become. We need to be innovative to present things in a way which children find rather interesting and not disturbing. Also when she is shouting make sure u r calm. Yelling or spanking the child would pass on the wrong message that aggression is a correct way to show frustration. Hope this helps!

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