We believe that when a parent has access to timely Expert advice, learning resources and specific Workshops for their learning needs, each parent can achieve more for their child. Parentune PLUS keeps each parent’s and their child’s best interest in mind and has been developed with inputs from 300+ Doctors & Experts and our 8 years of experience in supporting millions of parents 24x7 to do what is right for their child.

  • Ask Doctors & Experts, Get the right Advice promptly
  • LIVE Interactions with Doctors & Experts
  • Attend Focused Workshops in specific learning areas
  • Access to 500+ hrs of top parenting resources & learning needs

Parentune PLUS is the only such parent focused specialized program developed with inputs from 300+ Doctors & Experts.

Available plans

Parentune PLUS


INR 299/- month


INR 699/- per year.

*Limited time offer

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Parentune PLUS empowers a parent to achieve the best for their child with prompt validation from Experts, focused workshops and LIVE interactions for specific learning areas for each parent.

Personalized to Each Family

The only such program developed with inputs from 300+ Doctors & Experts, it’s a personalized parents’ support empowering each parent to achieve more for their child. Our award winning parentune APP and Progressive Web APP is personalized to each family as per your child's age, your needs and stage. Parentune PLUS is personalized to each stage, right from the time you are looking to conceive to when your child becomes a teenager.

Empowered of Experts

Parents know what is best for their child. This is even more apt, if you can get a Doctor’s/Expert’s advice in the right time, when you need it. parentune PLUS is developed with inputs from Experts and so has Comprehensive Expert Advice. What’s even better is that each PLUS member can ask their query to the Experts 24x7 and receive prompt advice.

Parentune 24x7 Support

Parentune PLUS comes with 24x7 support and goes beyond the work hours & week days to support you and your family. With parentune PLUS, you would never feel unsupported as a parent, especially when you need Expert advice. We have your back and would support you to do what is right for your child.

As quoted by a Parentune PLUS parent

Parentune PLUS is the difference between that feeling of being a bit out of place as a parent and that of taking informed, well advised and positive decisions for your child.