10 Homemade Early Pregnancy Tests - Getting to Know You Are Pregnant

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10 Homemade Early Pregnancy Tests Getting to Know You Are Pregnant
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Your body goes through a whole lot of changes when you conceive or getting pregnant. From missing your periods to morning sickness to all types of food cravings, there are lots of signs that you are pregnant. While missing your periods is the obvious and most assuring symptom of pregnancy, there are a lot of other signs that your body gives you when you conceive. There could be changes in your body that you see like shortness of breath, implantation cramping, breast tenderness etc.

Early Pregnancy Tests Which You Can Do Being At Home 

Although, not always correct, there are even some home pregnancy tests that you could undertake to find out if you are pregnant or not. Women throughout the world have come up with various types of tests that you can do at home to hint to a pregnancy. Let’s find out some easy ones for you, what you need, how to perform these tests and how to analyze the results. 

Note: You are advised to take your first, early morning urine sample for all these tests to get correct results. Try not to inhale any fumes in the processes involving chemical reactions or changes.  READ:  8 Signs of Pregnancy if you missed you periods

#1. Sugar Test:

Collect some of your early morning urine sample in a disposable glass. Pour this urine on around 2-3 teaspoons of granulated sugar and wait for about 8-10 minutes. In case it forms clumps, you’re pregnant. If sugar dissolves, you’re not!

#2. Bleach Test:

Collect early morning urine sample in a plastic cup. Take about half a cup of bleach and pour the urine on it. Please make sure you do not inhale any fumes in this process. If you observe any fizzing or foaming in the process, you’re pregnant. If not, it is highly possible you are not

#3. Dandelion Leaf Test:

Take around 2 cups of dandelion leaves and store them in a plastic cup. Try and pee into the cup early morning and make sure all leaves submerge in the urine. Give it about 10 minutes and after that if the leaves develop reddish bumps on their surface, you are pregnant! If nothing happens, you are not

#4. Mustard Powder Test:

This one involves bathing and waiting! Simply put 1 bowl of mustard powder into your bath tub and fill it with hot water. Have a bath in this water for half an hour and wait for about 2 days. In case your period starts, you are not pregnant. But if your periods don’t start, you are preggars my dear!

#5. Soap Test:

One of the simplest and easy to perform tests. Just take a small piece of soap and put few drops of early morning urine onto its surface. Wait for a few minutes to observe. If the surface shows bubble formation or a reaction, you are welcoming a baby soon!

#6. Wine Test:

All you need here is half cup of wine and half cup of urine sample. Mix these two and wait for about 10 minutes. In case you see any color change, you are expecting. If nothing happens, you are not

#7. Vinegar Test:

Take about half cup of vinegar and half cup of early morning urine sample. Mix them both and wait for some time. In case the vinegar changes color, you are about to become a parent soon!

#8. White Toothpaste Test:

Take around 2 tablespoons of white toothpaste in a disposable bowl. Add half a cup of morning urine sample into the bowl. In case the toothpaste changes its color to blue or starts fizzing up, you are pregnant!

#9. Baking Soda Test:

Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a plastic bowl and add your urine sample into it. If you observe severe fizzing in the reaction, you are very well pregnant. If nothing happens, you are not

#10. Hydrogen Peroxide & Tylenol Test:

For this test you will need 2-3 white Tylenol pills that will have to be crushed for use. Mixing these crushed pills with 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and about half a cup of early morning urine sample should do the trick. If you are pregnant, the solution will turn blue. If not, there will be no reaction

How Accurate Are Homemade Pregnancy Tests?

Pregnancy can be very exciting for most parents and I understand the curiosity as well. It is expected that you will want to perform several tests at home to check if you are expecting or not before you visit you doctor after missing your periods. However, these tests are simply for guidance purpose and are nowhere to be treated as official pregnancy tests.

There have been instances where these tests have failed or shown wrong results. Your gynecologist is the only one who can confirm your pregnancy using medical procedures and blood tests. Hence, always consult your doctor in case you sense or feel you are pregnant before jumping onto a conclusion.


Parentune Tip:You should take these tests as a fun way to detect pregnancy rather than the only way to detect one !


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| Sep 29, 2017

Interesting... will definitely forward to my friends and siblings

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| Sep 30, 2017

oo wow never thought of home pregnancy test. The tips and methods are really easy and amazing. Thanx for the blog.

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| Oct 02, 2017

very interesting 10 homemade pregnancy test.. these seem not just fun but simple experiments which no one would have ever thought of! thanks Parentune Support for sharing this blog with handy tips.

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| Oct 21, 2017

Amazing.... Never knew homemade remedies exists for such thing.... that too with easily available things like tooth paste, soap, sugar... Unbelievable.... Thanks for such information...

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| Sep 08, 2020

G to y

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