10 Tips for Parents who don’t approve of their teenager’s friends

11 to 16 years

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10 Tips for Parents who dont approve of their teenagers friends

I don’t think she is the right influence on you; She is too smart and you will end up in trouble; I don’t like that friend of yours, there is something off about her….” These are some of the statements that my neighbor had made to her teenage daughter hoping that she will start to avoid the one friend that stuck out like a sore thumb in the mother’s opinion. Despite trying all the tricks in her proverbial bag, the mum failed to make a point with her daughter and as a result the daughter started hanging around with the said child even more.

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 11, 2017

very useful tips ! thanks for sharing. a child friends circle plays a major role in his/ her life. therefore it becomes all the more essential to keep an eye on who are they spending time with.

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Sarab Khurana

| Sep 01, 2017

u r right we judge over child friends just see the cover of book. it's very understanding blog which help to improve our parenting thanks

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Monica Dey

| Jun 07, 2017

good pointers to keep in mind. Thank you

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Anupama Gujadhur

| Oct 22, 2013

Sometimes it's good to see yourself from otherside..... I really try not to opinionate myself. Thanks Bhavna. :)

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| Sep 30, 2013

I remember my teenage years and will surely have a repeat in a few years time with me being on the other side ;) I need to keep this blog handy. Loved it Bhavna. Thanks!

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| Sep 24, 2013

Thanks ladies!! it always is good to hear from fellow parents....

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| Sep 22, 2013

Bhavna,ur blogs alwys help us tk 1 step close to being a better parent. Thanx fr such a gud writeup. Looking frward to another1soon.

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| Sep 16, 2013

Amazing pointers !!! Loved reading it and could relate to it very well :)

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