10 ways to have fun with your child on April Fools’ Day

Ankita A Talwar
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Created by Ankita A Talwar
Updated on Apr 01, 2015

10 ways to have fun with your child on April Fools Day

Why should children have all the fun? This April Fools’ Day give them a peak to the prankster in you and enjoy some great family time. We get you some fun ideas to surprise your children today.

1) Pick up your kid from school wearing a funny wig.
2) Call up in your most authoritative voice, on the landline, getting the child to think the principal called with a list of complaints.
3) Stick a helium balloon in the toilet seat and close the lid over it.
4) Fill the cereal bowl with water and stick a spoon in it a couple of hours before. Place it in the freezer. Serve the milk and cornflakes over the ice and have fun.
5) Put a gummy bug in his sandwich or plant a big picture of a geeky hero in their wallet.
6) Leave a funny note on the toilet paper.
7) When the child is out of home, use the opportunity to turn as many things as possible upside down—photographs, chairs, tricycles etc.
8) Draw on their faces with washable markers. Paint big dots or hearts on the faces or an exaggerated smile.
9) Sprinkle some baking soda in the toilet bowl and ensure your young scientist of a child is the first to use it. He will be flummoxed by all the foam.
10) Stuff some newspaper in the toes of the shoes.

Try our ideas and write in to us sharing your moment of fun.

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| Apr 02, 2015

Thks however this mail is delayed. Will have to wait now till next year.

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| Apr 02, 2015

Very interesting.. will sure try it next year

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| Apr 02, 2015

New funny ideas ????

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| Apr 01, 2015

Great unique awesome ideas Ankita! I am sure these would bring a smile on everyone's face. Happy April Fool's day!

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