10 Winter Pregnancy Care Tips for Expecting Mothers

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Updated on Feb 03, 2020

10 Winter Pregnancy Care Tips for Expecting Mothers
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Pregnancy, though full of joys, can be a slightly difficult time for some expecting mothers, especially during winter. The chill in the air can lead to aches and pains and also leave the mother susceptible to cold, cough and infections—not a happy scenario as the intake of medicines, while in winter pregnancy, is restricted. Here, we get you some tips to ensure you have a safe pregnancy during peak winter. [ReadHow to Manage Gestational Diabetes in Winter Pregnancy]

While it is amazing to be pregnant during winters, did you know that being pregnant during winters require some extra tender loving care? As your body is growing to accommodate the newborn it is constantly stretching and at times becoming dry even. So how do you prep up for your winter pregnancy? [ReadWhat If Delivering Baby in Winter?]

How Expecting Moms Should Care Pregnancy in Winter?

The gloomy winter can really affect your health and your mood. Here are some ideas or tips to stay healthy during the colder months.

  1. Drink up as if it’s July: Though you may not feel the urge to drink water, experts recommend hydrating yourself as much in January as you would in July. The cold muffles thirst signals, but your body still requires as much.
    1. Drink lots of water, nourishing soups, herbal teas, and vegetable juices to stay hydrated.
    2. Avoid anything that can possibly give you a sore throat or a cough including citrus juices or cold drinks such as cold lassi or buttermilk.
    3. Chaffing of lips, excessive dryness, urine color of a darker yellow shade, a constant urge to look around for food or liquids can all be symptoms of dehydration, so take corrective measures before you hit the low point.
    4. Tip: Mark two-three bottles of water for yourself and ensure during the day, you finish them. You could keep slightly warm water in a flask also
  2. Exercise indoors and outdoors: Though the urge to stay inside the quilt is very high, resist it and motor on through the day. Till the time the winter sun is benevolent, bask in it.
    1. Step out of the bed, clad yourself properly and sit in the sun for some time. It will also lift your mood instantly and help fight off the winter pregnancy depression
    2. Go out for walks late in the morning, or if the weather is too harsh, walk inside the house itself
    3. Do breathing exercises and simple stretching
    4. Tip: Exercising is very essential in winter to maintain the optimum blood circulation in the body and to fight off winter depression
  3. Layer yourself and block out the cold wind: Winter makes it so much easier for cold and flu viruses to hit.
    1. Layer yourself rather than loading yourself with a thick garment that can weigh you down
    2. Woolens can also itch. Do wear a windcheater or a fleece jacket to block out the wind when outdoors
    3. Keep the head covered so as to not let the cold air give you a headache
  4. Invest in long coats or sweaters: Your back is taking the entire brunt during pregnancy and it can do with some tender loving care!
    1. Invest in long sweaters/coats/dungarees that will keep your back well-protected
    2. Cold drafts to the back can lead to backache and discomfort
    3. Tip: Layer a flannel sheet/blanket on the bedsheet so that the bed keeps warm and your back is cozy too
  5. Protect your feet from chilblain: Chilblain—swelling of fingers due to poor circulation in cold weather—can be an extremely painful and discomforting condition to bear.
    1. Prevention is better than cure
    2. Keep your feet well covered and warmly protected
    3. Go for regular pedicures to give your feet some attention—soaking in warm water, a relaxing massage, and cheerful nail paint can work wonders, really! (Do speak to your gynecologist before you have a foot massage during pregnancy since there are some medical conditions under which you’re better off avoiding it.)
  6. When sick, take a pill: But with your doctor’s advice! If hit by a cold bug, ask your doctor for medicine rather than tolerating it.
    1. Cold weather suppresses the body’s immune responses and therefore you need to keep yourself well protected
    2. There are enough safe drugs that can be taken during pregnancy to help fight off the symptoms of a cold
    3. Speak to your gynecologist about the influenza vaccine if you haven’t already taken it
  7. Get regular massages done: This is the best time to pamper yourself without guilt.
    1. Warm oil massages help lift up the sluggish winter circulation, make you feel great, relax you, and also keep you cozy.
    2. Ensure that the therapist is well-trained to deal with pregnancy massages or stick to head and feet massages.
  8. Invest in a humidifier: The cold weather sucks out all the moisture from the air leaving it dry. The dryness can lead to dryness in your nostrils, discomfort in breathing, and skin issues. And if you use a heater, the problem gets magnified. A humidifier will help in keeping the moisture in the air
  9. Take care of your skin: Pregnant or not, dry itchy skin is not only unsightly but also itchy and uncomfortable. And sometimes, during pregnancy, all the hormonal changes just escalate the problem. So, buy a good moisturizer just keeping in mind that it should have enough SPF protection too
  10. Eat Small, Frequent Meals: The slow sluggish circulation also leads to slow digestion sometimes. Given the symptoms of pregnancy—bloating, acidity, gassiness—it is best advised to eat small but frequently in winter. Take lots of winter fruits and vegetables to keep the health going


Listen to your body, and enjoy yourself too. Pregnancy and winter, though difficult can also be a fun time. Have a happy, healthy pregnancy!

Have any winter-specific pregnancy tips to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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I m myself going through winter pregnancy and this is really a useful blog for me and other mothers like me. thanks

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