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11 weeks and 3 days pregnant

11 weeks and 3 days pregnant

As the baby floats in the amniotic fluid, her limbs are now more fully developed, allowing her to make many movements. The lips and fingers – which are now completely separated – stimulate sensory feelings.

Does your face resemble the pimply complexion of your teenage years? Don’t worry, it’s those hormones again, and it will pass.

Your skin is likely to change during pregnancy.Some women find that they develop spots or acne, due to the high levels of progesterone. Conversely, you may get dry skin, also due to pregnancy hormones. The dryness may become worse over your abdomen as your bump develops and the skin is stretched.

Freckles and moles may get darker. You may also notice tiny red lines on your chest or legs: these are called spider naevi and are due to the increased blood supply to the skin, which makes the vessels dilate and become more visible.

Other women find that the high levels of oestrogen mean that their skin is in a better condition than before they were pregnant. The “glow” of pregnancy is due to the increased blood supply that occurs in pregnancy, which gives you a rosy, healthy-looking complexion.

Your skin may become dry and flaky, on your face as well as elsewhere on your body. Using a good moisturizer should help.

Since going to the scan my partner is very over-protective. Is this normal?

Your partner is now realizing his responsibilities and affection for the baby, and is showing these feelings by taking care of you. If you’re finding that his cosseting of you is a little too much, you might want to discuss other ways he can feel involved in the pregnancy and prepare for the baby. Try to embrace his involvement and enthusiasm – it’s a great way for you to strengthen your relationship and prepare for parenthood together.

As soon as your employer knows you’re pregnant, the employment laws that protect you will apply, so it’s a good idea to tell him or her as soon as possible. Most parents-to-be wait until 12 weeks when the risk of miscarriage is lower.

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my skin tone became dark

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