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12 weeks and 6 days pregnant

12 weeks and 6 days pregnant
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The developing eyes are now facing forwards. The right eye, along with the baby’s right ear, can be seen here. Your baby spends most of the time in a curled position, often with legs crossed, and hands close to the face.

It’s never too early to start planning what you’ll need to buy for your baby, even if you don’t want to start shopping just yet.

Now that you’re in your safer second trimester, you may be tempted to start buying a few baby items, unless you’re superstitious and would prefer to wait. A good reason to start shopping in this trimester is that your energy levels should be at their pregnancy peak. In later months, you will find it too tiring to carry your bump, as well as your bags, around the shops and having a good browse may not be your favourite pastime.

Even if you’re not shopping yet, start planning. Ask friends to recommend their favourite buggies, cots, slings, and car seats, then check prices so you can plan your budget. You might also find that family and friends offer second-hand goods you can buy or borrow.

If you purchase new baby clothes, leave the tags on and check the shop’s return policy in case you have a baby who’s too big for the newborn clothes or you decide against the items you’ve bought.

Changing hormones can play havoc with hair growth.To deal with any new unwanted hair:

  • Shave larger areas and pluck out the odd stray hair.

  • Depilatory creams and hair-lightening bleaches are probably safe to use but insufficient research has been carried out. They can be absorbed through the skin.

  • If you’re waxing or using a sugaring solution, be aware that your skin may be more sensitive.

  • Laser and electrolysis treatments are safe as they don’t penetrate the skin enough to be harmful.

I’ve just told my parents I’m pregnant but they reacted very negatively because they don’t approve of my partner. What can I do?

First, give them time to come to terms with the news. Creating a baby with someone is the ultimate commitment, and marks an important life-changing event. For your parents, it is a signal that your partner isn’t going anywhere, however much they might disapprove of him.

Once things have calmed down, suggest that your parents take the pregnancy as an opportunity to re-establish their relationship with your partner and wipe the slate clean. Reassure them that you and your partner very much want them to be a part of their grandchild’s life, and that you’d rather clear the air now, so that there aren’t any negative feelings and tension once your baby is born.

Remember that all is likely to be forgotten when your parents hold a much-loved grandchild in their arms, and as part of that baby will be your partner’s that should help them to feel warmer towards him.

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