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14 weeks and 5 days pregnant

14 weeks and 5 days pregnant
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This 3D ultrasound shows the hands held up in front of the face. The knees seem “knobbly” with every bone clear to see on the scan. The soft spot on the baby’s head can also be seen: this protects the brain while still allowing for its rapid growth.

You might receive some compliments, because at this stage of pregnancy you’re likely to look glowing with good health.

In the second trimester, the combination of thick, luscious hair, rosy cheeks, and fewer pregnancy discomforts may make you look as though you’re blooming.

The terms “blooming” or “glowing” are often used to describe pregnant women, especially during the second trimester. The ideal image is a woman with thick shiny hair and perfect skin that has a healthy blush.

The improved condition of your skin is thanks to the hormone oestrogen (pregnancy hormones can have positive effects, too!) and the increased blood supply to the skin; the many blood vessels just below the skin’s surface give you a healthy glow, or at least stop you looking pale and tired. The glands also secrete more oil, giving your skin a healthy-looking sheen.

Again due to hormonal changes, your hair may look thicker. Less hair than normal falls out during pregnancy and hair grows more quickly. After the birth you may find that your hair appears to be falling out more than normal as you lose the hair that’s built up during the nine months. Normal hair loss is about 100–125 hairs a day; after the birth you might lose 500 hairs a day.

If you don’t feel you match this picture of good health, it may just be that you can’t see it yourself, especially if you’re still adapting to your pregnancy. If you’re looking pale and feeling tired, speak to your doctor or midwife as you may be anaemic and need to boost your iron intake.

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