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15 weeks and 7 days pregnant

15 weeks and 7 days pregnant
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As your baby’s skin starts to become more waterproof, the amniotic fluid is increasingly made from urine produced by your baby’s kidneys and bladder. This urine does not contain waste products, as these are transported across the placenta.

It’s natural that your partner will want to protect you and his baby, but you may need to help him get the balance right.

Is your partner worried about you having a sip of wine or eating a tad too much chocolate, or is he constantly checking you’re getting enough rest? You may find that your partner becomes very protective of you and his baby and while some women enjoy the attention, others find it irritating. If it bothers you, ask your partner why he feels the need to be so protective. If you can understand his feelings and concerns, it can help.

Take the time to explain to him how you feel, and if everything is going well and you’re feeling great, let him know. Explain that pregnancy is not an illness and is a natural process, and reassure him that you’re being well looked after by the midwife. For further reassurance, you could get him some reading material and involve him by inviting him along to an antenatal appointment. He may have particular questions he wants to ask the midwife.

Dads-to-be tend to have more vivid dreams than usual.

Pending fatherhood can make a man think about his own background and roots, and trigger dreams of parents and grandparents. As he becomes more protective and nurturing, he may even dream that he’s pregnant.

A strong and toned lower body can be achieved by doing the exercises shown below. Strengthening these muscles will make day-to-day tasks, such as walking and climbing the stairs, a lot easier as your baby grows. Strengthening your leg muscles can also help to prepare you for labour positions, such as squatting.

Lie on your side.Place both legs in front of your body, bent at the knee at a 90-degree angle. Slowly lift your top leg up and lower it to the starting position. Repeat 30 times, if comfortable. If you need to, you can place a pillow under your belly for support.

1. Flex your foot

2. Place your hand on your hip

3. Support your head

Lie on your side , with your lower leg slightly bent at the knee and top leg positioned at a 45-degree angle. Lift your leg slightly (about 10cm/4in), hold for 10 seconds, and then lower back to 45 degrees. Repeat 30 times, if comfortable.

1. Raise your upper leg

2. Lower leg slightly bent

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