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22 weeks and 6 days pregnant

22 weeks and 6 days pregnant

Your baby’s nervous system and muscular co-ordination are now much more developed. He has a grasping reflex – when his palm is touched his fingers will close – and he is able to suck his thumb purposefully, rather than through random movements.

When clumsiness strikes, something as simple as walking in a straight line may prove difficult!

If you find that you’re often bumping into things and tripping over, it sounds as though you’ve been hit by clumsiness, a common side-effect of being pregnant.

Clumsiness in pregnancy has physical causes: the hormone relaxin causes your joints to loosen, your centre of gravity changes as your abdomen expands, and your extra weight shifts you off balance. There are, however, also emotional reasons: if you’re pre-occupied by being pregnant, your concentration is bound to slip now and then, making you less likely to notice potential hazards in your path.

The good news is that your usual grace will return once you’re no longer pregnant, but until that time it’s important to avoid situations that might put you at risk of injury. So wear flat shoes rather than heels, avoid wet or slippery surfaces, and take care on steep staircases. Tape down the edges of loose rugs, and keep the stairs and hallways clear of things that might trip you up. Be particularly careful when you’re lifting something as it’s very easy to lose your balance if you’re leaning forward. Take care, too, getting into and out of the bath or shower, as these are notorious hotspots for pregnancy-related injuries.

It’s worth noting that normal clumsiness in pregnancy is not accompanied by visual disturbances, headaches, or dizziness, so if you have any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor.

If your partner’s nesting instinct has kicked in, make the most of it by working out what needs doing around your home.

Let your partner do the majority of the decorating and don’t attempt to climb a step-ladder yourself. Be aware of which paints are safe to use during pregnancy.

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