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25 weeks and 1 day pregnant

25 weeks and 1 day pregnant
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Here the baby is looking directly upwards. The profile is nicely detailed with the nose, lips, and chin clearly outlined. The neck is still short so, as this image shows, the head is still held quite close to the chest.

Your antenatal classes will give you a chance to learn about labour, birth, and life with a newborn, and make new friends.

If you booked them earlier in your pregnancy, you may be starting antenatal classes (also called parentcraft classes) about now. Classes may be held in the hospital where you have chosen to give birth, or they can be run by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), or privately by midwives. The aim of the classes is to inform you about pregnancy, labour, and the first few weeks after the birth. For example, you may be taught relaxation or breathing techniques, or be told about the different types of pain relief on offer. You’ll also be given advice on what to buy for the baby and on topics that are relevant after the birth, such as breastfeeding, sleeping, and nappy changing.

It’s common to feel excited about the classes and keen to learn about what’s going to happen and to meet other people going through the same experience. But antenatal classes are not just about gathering information, they’re also about meeting others, which is difficult for some people. However, as you’re all parents-to-be, you’re likely to find things to talk about. Just talking with others about your symptoms or worries can help, especially if they’re going through the same emotions as you. It can be reassuring to know that you’re not the only person to feel a certain way.

If you do make friends in your antenatal class, this support group can also be very helpful after you all have your babies.

As the uterus expands, the rib cage is pushed outwards to make room for it, and this can lead to rib pain or discomfort. This is not inevitable, but it is more likely if you have a smaller than average body frame or you’re carrying twins or more. It can be made worse if your baby kicks a lot or if she spends a lot of time in the breech position as her head will push against your diaphragm and rib cage.

Sitting down may make the pain worse since being seated compresses your internal organs more. If you have a sedentary job, get up and move around as often as you can, and if you’re forced to sit for long periods, keep adjusting your position until you find one that’s comfortable.

1. Intestines

2. Liver

3. Rib

4. Stomach

5. Expanding uterus reduces space for stomach and intestines

I think I have a vaginal infection. Will this harm my baby?

A vaginal infection is very unlikely to harm your baby since the mucus plug around the cervix stops infection reaching her. You may find the symptoms of an infection – itching, irritation, and a discharge with an unpleasant odour – uncomfortable. Your doctor will prescribe medication to clear it up.

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