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29 weeks and 3 days pregnant

29 weeks and 3 days pregnant

Your baby often grasps one hand with the other or, as this image shows, grasps a foot. This helps with important sensory feedback to the brain as the nerves within the brain start to mature and become insulated along their length to carry signals more effectively.

Start getting your baby’s room ready now, while you still have the energy for shopping and helping with decorating.

It’s recommended that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months, but many parents-to-be still like to prepare the baby’s bedroom. This room can still be used for the baby’s clothes and any newborn gifts you’re given. You might also want to breastfeed, and set up a nappy-changing area in there.

The NCT often holds sales of second-hand baby equipment, and this can be a good opportunity to purchase some of the bigger items at a reduced price. If you buy a second-hand Moses basket or cot, it’s recommended that you buy a new mattress. Hand-me down clothes, sheets, and towels are another way to save money. If this is not your first baby you may find that you have more or less everything you need, apart from disposables, such as nappies (unless you are using washable nappies).

Although it’s good to be prepared (and sometimes babies do arrive early), remember you won’t be trapped in your house forever more so you don’t need to prepare as if for a siege. If you don’t have something you need or you run out, you can always go and get it after your baby is born.

Do I need a pram/travel system/buggy?

Most parents-to-be are unsure about the type of pram they’ll need for their baby and, as there are a number of options and types available, this can make choosing the right item difficult. You will need to buy some type of travel equipment for your baby and what you choose will vary depending on your circumstances.

If you’re mainly a car driver, you may want to consider a car seat that attaches to a pram, or a car seat and separate travel cot. If you intend to walk a lot, you may find a lightweight pushchair or buggy more suitable than a pram. Keep in mind how long your baby will be in the buggy: it must be comfortable, have a lie-flat option for the first six months, and adjustable seat options as your baby grows. The buggy must also be weatherproof.

If you do a lot of “around town” travel, you might consider a lightweight option in addition to your main system. It’s worth having a look around in shops and online to compare different models and get the best price.

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