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31 weeks and 5 days pregnant

31 weeks and 5 days pregnant
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This image shows a furrowed brow and an open-eyed expression. Just as the muscle tone in the limbs is strengthening, so the muscles of the face are being used and tested. This can produce some unusual expressions that do not necessarily reflect your baby’s emotions.

How your baby is positioned can affect your delivery, but there is plenty of time at this stage for things to change.

Each time you are examined at an antenatal appointment your midwife will assess your baby’s lie and presentation. About 15 per cent of babies are breech at 32 weeks, but only about three or four per cent are breech by full term. This is because there is plenty of room for the baby to turn around. After about the 35th or 36th week, the baby is unlikely to change position as there is less room for large manoeuvres. Your midwife can give you advice on helping to reposition your baby or may suggest an external cephalic version (ECV), a procedure to try to turn the baby. If your baby is breech, your midwife may recommend that you have an extra ultrasound scan at about 37–38 weeks of pregnancy to check the baby’s position. It may be difficult for your midwife to be completely sure, on examination alone, whether she is feeling the baby’s bottom or head.

Much of later pregnancy involves your partner doing less than normal. This may range from doing less exercise to not doing household chores. It may be challenging for your partner to realize that she’s not able to do things as easily as before and, to a certain extent, is less independent.

You can be a great help to her in the final weeks of pregnancy, but be aware that there’s a fine line between being supportive and being over-protective. Deep down you may want to turn into “superman” and do everything, but it might frustrate your partner if you become too over-protective. Try to take the lead from her and give her help as and when she needs it, as well as space to do her own thing.

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