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36 weeks and 2 days pregnant

36 weeks and 2 days pregnant

Although almost invisible in the image, a very thin layer of vernix covers your baby. At first this helped to reduce the amount of water leaving your baby’s skin, but now it helps to prevent direct contact between the skin and amniotic fluid.

Have you started nesting? The need to provide a safe, comfortable space for your new baby is a primitive desire.

The nesting instinct usually begins in the final weeks of pregnancy, accompanied by a surge of energy and an uncontrollable urge to get your home shipshape.

Give in to your inner domestic goddess: cook, clean, organize, and de-clutter, but take it easy. If you spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing, you may find yourself in labour sooner than you’d expected. Some men develop a nesting instinct, but unfortunately this tends to be associated with cars and garden sheds. If this happens to your partner, at least you can look forward to a sparkling-clean motor, spruced-up patio, and manicured lawn.

Nesting not happening for you? Pay the professionals to do a spring clean. Or forget it: your baby won’t care whether the cupboards are clean.

Every nook and cranny of your home will get your attention once the cleaning bug hits you!

Preserve your bump for posterity by making a plaster belly cast. You can either buy a kit or (far cheaper) purchase the plaster separately; it’s all available online.

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