36 weeks and 5 days pregnant

3D views at this stage of the pregnancy will be extremely clear. Every part of the face is fully developed and your baby will be very expressive. Your baby is only a few days away now from being full term.

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| Jul 08, 2017

according to lmp my due date is Aug 10 but in the scanning report 2 weeks bigger which due date has to consider

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chitra joshy3609

| May 13, 2017

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I'm allergetic with almost all types of pain killers like paracetamol,ketanov, cyclospam etcis epidural injection can help me to reduce the pain during labour or it makes allergetic to me?

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| Jan 29, 2017

hello I m 9 months pregnant.. my hemoglobin level is 9,pls suggest me with a diet

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