39 weeks and 7 days pregnant

Your baby is now ready for the outside world. Sudden changes will take place with that first breath after delivery, as she immediately adapts from her time within the fluid-filled environment of the uterus to life in the air outside.

You’ve reached 40 weeks exactly! It may have seemed like a long wait, but it will be worth it once you’re holding your baby.

Congratulations! If you don’t yet have your newborn baby in your arms, you soon will, and your life will be changed forever. Even the longest pregnancy seems unaccountably short when your labour begins, and the reality begins to hit that you’ll soon be holding your newborn.

You’ll get through the labour; and you’ll forget about the discomfort after a few good sessions detailing it to family and close friends. In fact, everything that precedes that moment when you hold your newborn baby for the first time becomes inconsequential when you realize that you have created the most wondrous thing of all: a new life. So good luck and well done! This is only just the beginning of the most amazing years of your life.' style='max-width:100%'/>

Your pregnancy is coming to an end so rather than nurturing your bump, you’ll soon be nurturing your amazing newborn baby.

58 per cent of parents questioned in a recent survey believed that the name they gave their baby would contribute to his or her success in life.

More found it easier to name a boy than a girl, and just 3 per cent said they would change the name they’d given their baby if they could.

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Vijai Laxmi

| Dec 05, 2017

l got my new life in my arms ...a baby girl .

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Kavita Dandekar

| Nov 15, 2017

Hi I have baby girl in 28th October

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Sandhya Bangera

| Sep 19, 2017

hi... I delivered a baby girl on 19th August..

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Sonika Akhilesh Gupta

| Aug 01, 2017

I m blessed with baby boy on 21 July

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Dr Vrushali RP

| Jun 25, 2017

We are Blessed with a baby boy on 15th June

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Poonam Wallabhdas

| Jun 22, 2017

M blessed with Baby girl on 16th June

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Jennifer Harry Kainee

| Jun 09, 2017

hi my due date is of 9th June and yet the labour pain haven't started so what should I do

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Neha Sumit Goyal

| Jun 06, 2017

m blessed with a baby girl on 27 may.

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Meenakshi Chandel

| May 03, 2017


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Payal Jain

| May 02, 2017

I m blessed with a baby girl on April 3

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| Mar 14, 2017

m blessed with baby boy on 5th march

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| Feb 22, 2017

i m blessed with a baby boy on 10th feb

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