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5 Home makeovers that involve your child

Swati Nitin Gupta
3 to 7 years

Created by Swati Nitin Gupta
Updated on Oct 24, 2021

5 Home makeovers that involve your child
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So you have swept the dust off from every nook and cranny; painted diyas; made a toran and also chocolate ladoos! What next? It’s time to give your home a festive makeover. And the best part is that you don’t need to shell out the big bucks to spruce up your personal space.

How Can I Involve My Child In My Home Makeover?

This festive season, include your child in simple tasks. This way, he feels responsible, and he will feel a sense of belonging, too. So bring out the colors and decorations, and have some fun together. Here are 5 ideas on how to involve your child in your home makeover.

  1. Make a garland: What better way to immediately bring some joy and color in your home than using flowers? You will need someMarigold (Genda) flowers, mango leaves, and a sturdy thread.Your child can arrange the flower and leaf sequence as you thread them along and create garlands for your main entrance. Garlands hanging from both sides of the door or on the staircase railing look great too.
  2. Create a corner: Let your child choose her favorite corner of the house. Tell her that it is her space to decorate, and that you will only assist.
    • You can help her by providing some used mason jars or glass bottles to paint on
    • Pour some aroma oil and place a candle in the bottles. You may also wrap up normal bricks in colored paper
    • Put 2-3 of these together and place a plant on top
    • Hang some paper lanterns and scatter some fresh flower petals and voila!
  3. ‘Centre’ of attention: A center table is often a piece of furniture that draws attention to itself. Take advantage of this by making it your signature piece!
    • Dress up the center table
    • Ask your child to clean the table to a sparkle and choose a tablecloth or table runner
    • Now take a crystal bowl or earthenware
    • Let your child fill it with water and place some full-bloomed flowers or rose petals and floating candles in it
  4. Drapes and curtains: There is so much fun to be had with fabrics!
    • Get together some shells, decorative mirrors and some old fabric (preferably in gold or silk) and lace
    • Now hold one edge of the curtain and start sewing the materials in, shells and mirrors, repeating the sequence till you reach the end
    • If you have an older child, then she may help you; if not, let your child pass on the materials according to her choice
  5. Fruity fun*: Fruity fun is all about adding a fun tweak to a traditional practice, such as creating diyas from orange peels. While preparing these diyas you need to be careful and hence keep a stock of extra oranges. You may not get the diyas right the first time – so that’s ok. Keep trying till you get perfect round peel. Here’s how to do it.
    • Cut the orange into half; eat the fruit and then carefully take out the remaining fruit if any ensuring that the peel is not broken
    • Patience is the key here; it may not be as easy as it sounds
    • Pour light oil like olive oil in the peel
    • You may also coat the tip of the peel with the oil before lighting it
  6. *Things To Keep In Mind

    1. Your child might take a while to get this right, so keep extra oranges handy, at least two dozen to make 10-12 orange diyas, if not more!
    2. Make sure you only use orange peels with a really long pith (wick)
    3. When you fill it with oil, the pith in the peel absorbs a lot of it, so you might have to refill it again after your initial pour
    4. Once lit, be extra careful - the flame is very small and fragile for the first few minutes
    5. Reusing the orange diya on multiple occasions is not recommended – get your child to make new ones
    6. But throw out the old ones – the peels look lovely with a tea light nestled inside

    We hope you and your child have fun doing up your home together. The festive season is a time to bond and spread the love and happiness.

    We wish you happy times together!

    Have any home makeover ideas that are fun for children to participate in? Let us know in the comments section!

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| Oct 12, 2017

great ideas.. will definitely try

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| Oct 13, 2017

my child's growth is very slow.. because he doesn't take his proper diet.. any solution

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| Jan 23, 2019

I will be in w for the update re rdxxx

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| Sep 27, 2019

My daughter is 4. 3yrs old she is in kg 1. The problem with her is she is very stuborn. She say no to everything i ask her to do wether its home work or any kind of activity... plz help me out.

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| Sep 27, 2019

Brilliant idea's

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