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5 Must tell stories from

It’s Diwali!!! And your child is so excited about the diyas and the crackers…and the sweets and the rangoli, the gifts and so on – naturally he/she would be, but an exciting storytelling session, sometime in the day, would take your child on a different high altogether! Light up their imagination and curiosity… let’s start!

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 01, 2017

wow very interesting stories. I am sure our munchkins would loves these . had never heard few of these myself .there is a practice in my home where every member gets a turn to narrate a bed time story to the rest once in a week, these stories would definitely come in handy .thanks again!

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Uma Singh

| Feb 21, 2017

very nice stories

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Anjali Juyal

| Nov 24, 2016

very well written with religious values.

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Sangeeta Marfakwar

| Nov 23, 2016

Very nice stories to tell to kids.

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Swati Gupta

| Oct 30, 2016

happy diwali proparents

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