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5 Qualities which make your favourite teacher special!

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Updated on Sep 05, 2016

5 Qualities which make your favourite teacher special

Teacher’s Day brings out the nostalgic streak in all of us! Most of us pause today to think of our favourite teachers during school or college, who have left a lasting impact on your memories, who inspired us to be who we are. But what really made those teachers so special? Here are f5 qualities that makes them special.

1. Pleasing and engaging personality: One of those endearing qualities is to that to have a pleasing and engaging personality.  Do you remember how your favourite teacher was warm and welcoming to you and your classmates, how they were strict yet understanding, and most importantly how they were a patient listener—something we all want.

2. Passionate about her subject: Do you remember how your favourite teacher was not just well versed with her subject matter but was also perhaps highly passionate and kept finding interesting ways to teach those tough concepts in the classroom. She just did not just depend on textbooks for her communication—but also used props, songs, dramatics, outdoor observations, stimulation exercises etc. to get her point across. Hmmmm! So who do you remember like that?

3. Fosters positive behaviour in students: A good teacher somehow always knows how to inspire positive behaviour in class and develops a good rapport with all her students. While she praises intelligent students, she also encourages weak students so that they come at par with other students in the class.

4. Encourages and sets high expectations from her class: Do you remember the teacher who somehow knew that her students will only deliver to the level that is expected from them. So she set high standards and encouraged each and every student to aim for that standard. She rewarded the achievers and acknowledged the efforts of those who tried hard to reach the goal.

5. Maintains effective communication with parents: A good teacher is always open for communication with parents and prefers to keep the parents also abreast with the latest happenings with regard to their child. A good teacher knows that raising a well balanced child is not just a responsibility of parents or teacher alone. It is a collective role and hence she joins hands with parents to ensure that each and every student in her class is a true performer.

While you remember your favourite teachers, do you also notice these qualities in your child’s teacher, because if you do, then rest assured that your child is in good hands and will do really well in life. On that note we wish you – the first teacher to your child – and all the teachers a very Happy Teachers’ Day!

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| Sep 12, 2016

Interesting blog on teacher's day.

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| Sep 06, 2016

Reminded me of my teachers in school days!

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