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5 Reasons Why to Send Child In Summer Camps

Ritu Ghai
3 to 7 years

Created by Ritu Ghai
Updated on May 15, 2019

5 Reasons Why to Send Child In Summer Camps
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Summer camps provide your child with some much-needed relief from the scorching sun and boredom of staying at home during vacations. Right from learning to draw, or mastering a musical instrument, engaging in performing arts, joining drama classes, learning a new sport, acquiring science and maths skills, all the way to splashing in the pool and engaging in yoga classes, summer camps are simply the best way to beat the heat.

Importance of Summer Vacation Camps for Your Children

Here are 5 benefits or reasons for parents to enrol your child in a summer camp this season..

#1. For the Experience Earning:

Summer camps are all about learning new things, sans academic pressure; a place where children from different schools and localities come together and learn an activity. This is an ideal opportunity to form friendships, acquire leadership skills and enjoy team spirit. Camps oriented towards developing maths and science skills are also becoming popular as children start enjoying these subjects in a fun way, and actually apply technical concepts in their daily lives. 

#2. For Child's Growth/Confidence:

As your child masters a craft or sport, his/her confidence grows and so does their competitive streak and desire to achieve and win. There are chances that your child may excel in a particular activity or sport—summer camps give you the chance to recognize your child’s potential

#3. For Building Healthy Lifestyles:

Summer camps take your child away from iPods, X-Boxes, PS 4’s and other electronic devices, and gear them towards outdoor physical activities. Watch them get a little dirty, more active and much healthier.

#4. For Forging Independence:

Summer camps teach a child how to be in control of their life. They learn to adjust to situations, do their own chores and find solutions to problems, especially during outstation camps. The daily challenges given to children during these camps instils in them a ‘never-give-up’ feeling. Positive self-esteem and problem solving skills are developed; in fact, outstation camps are an opportunity for them to see new places, interact with people from different communities, understand a new culture and return home with a sense of being rooted.

#5. Keeping them Involved and Busy:

Summer camps come as agreat relief for parents at a time when they are wondering how to keep their kids physically active and socially engaged. Camps are great stress relievers and positively affect a child’s academic performance in future.

Camps are all about real people, real places and real experiences, so whether it is an evening activity camp or a residential program, they give your child an irreplaceable experience of a lifetime.

Have you sent your child to camp? Tell us about their experiences in the comments below!

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| Apr 16, 2017

hello Mam! my son's school organises a summer camp ever year in its own premises... I enrolled him in it but he got sick due to excessive heat... though the timings were from 8 to 11... but it's very hot in May... so what should I do now this year... plz suggest!

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| Apr 17, 2017

Thanks Ritu Ghai for sharing the benefits of Summer camps. As summer vacations are in the offing, this blog is quite a big relief to us parents in taking decisions regarding the same.

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| Mar 24, 2018

Like this. very true & realistic one. @shweta: suggest sending him with all necessary precautions & ask about school advisory, what all they take care.

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| Jun 08, 2019

o poi look like opplpp pl

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