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5 Study-smart habits

Sugandha Tiwari

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5 Study smart habits

Your child has turned 8 and entered in IIIrd grade. The school curriculum has had a few additions. On one hand, there’s rising pressure - timetables to follow and assignments to submit, and on the other, you are seeing some marked changes in your child– he/she is more distracted than ever! What to do? Now is the time to inculcate habits that will reap long-term benefits - our proparent blogger Sugandha Tiwari shares interesting smart study habits that will make your child yearn for more study time

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simmi tyagi

| Mar 09, 2017

thanx for valuable tips

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saurabh prateek

| Feb 03, 2017

I think you missed one point, .i.e., you as parents need to read yourself like novels or other books; if not, then develop the habit of reading. Your child follows you and your habit of reading will help him develop this habit itself!!!!

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Shally Sultana

| Jan 23, 2017

blog is very informative, but I agree with manpreet... even my younger one doesn't allow my elder to concentrate ...

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| Jan 02, 2017

i really liked the blog n tried few too but I have a problem with my younger child(3yrs). he doesn't let my daughter do anything n nor concenterate himself on anything

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 Sukanya Banerjee

| Dec 01, 2016

Nice points. I have used Study zone and planner. Will try the others for sure.

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| Nov 25, 2016

Thanks for ur valuable tips.

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Geeta Roy

| Nov 25, 2016

Really a useful piece of suggestion.

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Sarika sharma

| Nov 24, 2016

Thanku so much for ur suggestions....

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| Nov 10, 2016


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| Nov 05, 2016


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Sugandha Tiwari

| Nov 04, 2016

A big thanks to everyone for reading the blog. Your likes and comments are motivating for me. Stay blessed

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| Nov 02, 2016

well written

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