5 Ways to make your teen develop a positive body image

Nandini Muralidharan
11 to 16 years

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5 Ways to make your teen develop a positive body image

Just the other day, I sat in the park and watched two girls play badminton. They must have been twelve or thirteen, and they wore track pants that had ‘Juicy’ emblazoned proudly on the backside. Teenagers these days are acutely aware of being constantly judged for their looks, the shape of their bodies, their weight, and a lot of things other than the people they really are. And in most cases, this starts at home. The responsibility of helping them build a positive body image falls entirely with the parents, and here are some tips to help you:elop a positive body image

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Neelam sidharth kumar

| Aug 05, 2017

I m also understand that daughters are more happy by her father than mother.

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Paramita Subhadarsini

| Jul 16, 2017

Absolutely correct. ... a daughter always loves her father than her mother.... so at this age father 's compliment, involvements in the family has a great impact on the child.... a father should make his daughter to feel that he z her best friend forever

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Reshma Joshi

| May 31, 2017

very well said! Especially about active involvement of fathers... creating a right harmony within the family in itself becomes a great step towards handling teen parenting!

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Rajashree Bhagwat

| Sep 28, 2016

Excellent write up! It is this time of a child's life, he or she is trying to figure out their identity. As mentioned it is the support and guidance of the parents that help kids develop their traits. Every little things matters in shaping up them from daily routine to clothing, from their circle of friends to what they watch on televisions. Their active brains are in the process of absorbing.

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Tanisha Khanna

| Sep 12, 2016

It is quite important to help your teen develop a positive body image especially in today's scenario when there is so much exposure.

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