6 ways to instill positivity in your child

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6 ways to instill positivity in your child
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As we all know "Positive thinking lead to a Positive life which brings happiness in our life" Now-a-days we read and listen so much about Positive thoughts, Positive Energy, Positive thinking—all that is required to live a peaceful and happy life.  So, why not teach our children from the early stage of the same so that they can have a peaceful and happy life ahead.                                     
Here are few tips to channelize children towards positivity and the base of these suggestions is us. Yes, from us, because children learn from us. If we ourselves don't think Positive then how can we expect our children to do the same.
Here are 6 Mantras of Developing Positive Child from Early stage of Life:
1)  Controlling negative thoughts: Firstly, we need to learn to control negative thoughts brewing in our mind that can affect children in their day-to-day life, as negative thoughts generate stress and unhealthy environment. 
How: Talk to children about their daily positive activities. Eg. What makes them feel good today?             
2)  Give positive reinforcement to children: Try to find positivity in children in whatever they do and praise them for the same. Eg. Well done, Keep it up; I believe in you; you are very good at...etc. These positive reinforcement helps in boosting their confidence and think positive about themselves from the early stages of life.
3)  Focus on the positivity in children: Focus on the positive elements of children.  How: Get involved with children in their creativity. It can be anything--dancing, playing, singing, reading, drawing or studying and help them focus on activity and encourage their natural talent and instinct.  Through this they will connect with their thoughts and gain happiness in whatever they do in their lives.
4)  Teach them to love themselves and others: Teach them to be thankful or whatever they have and learn to be satisfied. How: By knowing each other’s good quality (for eg: being thankful for their sibling); taking care of their own stuff. Eg. Toys ,books,clothes etc.
5)   Teach them to live in present and enjoy every moment of their life: How: By helping them enjoy whatever they do. Tips: Playing with them; helping them in their studies etc.
6)  Daily routine: Teach them the importance of prayers, exercise and healthy eating and set it as a daily routine. How: By involving them with yourself when you are doing your own exercise, praying or cooking.  Tips: asking them to show some exercise steps, repeating your prayers, and asking them to plan menu for meal.                                                          

Gradually a child’s energy and lifestyle will be directed onto a more positive approach and help him deal with the challenges that life has to offer. "So Change your thoughts and you change your WORLD" Record Breakers

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| Sep 09, 2017

Thanks for giving these valuable suggestions. I hope it should be helpful for me. I will try to apply.

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| Nov 14, 2016

This tips very much helpful in my baby life

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| Nov 26, 2015

Very true Priyanka... Good tip... as our mind and Brain function even while we in sleeping it will generate positive energy in them.

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| Nov 26, 2015

Good very useful tips, one more thing that that we can do is to give positive affirmation to our children when we make them sleep as this directly goes to their subconscious e. g. Attharv is very intelligent.

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| Nov 24, 2015

I completely agree wth u.... kids like to imitate us in everything.... improve ourself for their good.... n u have put it so well and easy.. wil follow you

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| Nov 23, 2015

Thank you for your comments and support it was just a thought to share with you as we ourselves faces so many problems because of the thought's we generate on our day-to-day basis and the outcomes we get from it...

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| Nov 22, 2015

Very well written.. Thanks a lot for sharing.. It will definitely help me.

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| Nov 17, 2015

Very well put, also children learn by seeing more than by listening, so I agree with what Binduvenkatesh has said, that parents first need to work on these first on themselves and then children would gradually learn by example and pick it up.

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| Nov 14, 2015

I so agree wid u... It starts only when the parents start to imbibe in themsleves

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