6 Ways to Remove Anxiety While Pregnant

Shweta Chopra

Created by Shweta Chopra
Updated on Dec 31, 2019

6 Ways to Remove Anxiety While Pregnant

Pregnancy is truly a spiritual experience. The presence of delicate life throbbing within the womb can be so over-whelming for a woman. The joy, the nervousness, the concern...all fills the heart of an expectant mother. This, apart from being a physical experience is truly also a spiritual one. How life flourishes within is such a powerful outer sound...only gradual movement and growth within. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time fill some with joyous tears and some with a feeling of greater wonder of how life emerges.

It’s almost natural to feel anxious about everything going right through this phase. An expectant mother must make a conscious connect the life which has stepped in. Your child knows of every thought you are thinking and is sensitive to all your feelings.

As we have always known that the mental and emotional state of a to-be mom affects the mental and emotional body of the child as well, the inner dialogue of the mom must be positive which in turn is directly connected to her outer scenario and the way she perceives it.

6 Tips to Remove Anxiety During Your Pregnancy

This journey can be made most joyous and help the mom and child to remain healthy inside out if the mom indulges in activities like chanting, meditation and Guided Meditation. Here are some tips that will help an expecting mom.

  1. Bringing in an image of a bright light enfolding the womb just before sleeping brings an energetic protection and a feeling of calmness to the baby. Everything is energy and when we apply the power of intention and call upon the divine light through mental visualization, it has a very positive effect to ensure our wellbeing and growth pattern. Fears can be dissolved within the light as it cleanses and removes any lower feeling that we may have absorbed.
  2. Holding positive intentions each day of having a safe and smooth delivery also creates a strong shield of light through our own intent that helps us achieve the same.
  3. When we chant, the energy created through the powerful vibration of the Mantra helps erase negative thought patterns and outer negative influences. Those who chant sincerely and continuously get strengthened internally.
  4. Indulging in spiritually-inspiring activities enhances the quality of growth in all spheres.
  5. Taking out dedicated time to breathe out stress and breathing in harmonious and happy thoughts also helps.
  6. Placing loving hands on the womb saying out meaningful affirmations to your child is also a great way to build early communication.

So, make your pregnancy a joyous experience that is beneficial for you and your baby.

Shweta Chopra is a Life Coach who has worked extensively with children, adults, and pregnant mothers to help them deal with the stresses of life.  Shweta conducts workshops on the same. She has a fb page Communicative Souls.


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| Aug 12, 2019

hi I hv a prblm can u solve ?

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| May 29, 2019

bhansic ke msbk djdmovkd do

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| Jun 28, 2017

very nice article.. stress has become part n parcel of life and taking time out for oneself a challenge. the faster v understand it the better.

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| Apr 23, 2017

hii everyone.. i m facing the same time.. lots of frustation toward my household task,workplace nd vth my first child also.. facing everday like a single mom.. its my 2nd trimester.. plz help moreover feeling pressure of child gender also.. wat to do?

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| Apr 06, 2017

really nice

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| Nov 20, 2016

My baby in the womb is moving now n thn movements will be going on is it a good

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| Aug 03, 2016

how to mk yourself more positive so that our child only get the best thought in the womb..... pls suggest?? I m 6 month pregnant nd sometime s gets frustrated wth my daily chores of professional nd personal end.

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| Aug 03, 2016

thanks ji a lot I m 9months pregnant I'm so scared BT u giv me strength for better future

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