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6 weeks and 2 days pregnant

6 weeks and 2 days pregnant

The first recognizable facial feature to be formed is the eye, visible as a small circle within a larger one in the centre of this image. The larger areas are the fluid-filled chambers of the underlying brain.

Try not to dwell on your lifestyle before you realized you were pregnant, but do start making changes now.

Have you only just discovered you’re pregnant? Not all women realize they are pregnant straightaway, especially if it wasn’t planned. If you’ve only just found out, it’s natural to be concerned about things that you did before you knew, such as drinking alcohol or taking drugs. You may be worried that you’ve harmed your unborn baby. Use your pregnancy as an opportunity to assess your lifestyle and improve your health.

Because of how pregnancy is dated, your baby is still only a little over four weeks old. If you have not been taking folic acid, start taking supplements from today.

The prospect of being pregnant and single, especially if it wasn’t your choice, can be tough. Make sure you:

  • Look after yourself: plan a healthy diet, and an exercise routine. Get as much rest and restful sleep as you can. Ask a friend to spur you on or get online and seek support from other single pregnant women in your area – you will have a ready-made support network after the birth.

  • Ask for help from family and friends. You will probably find they are delighted to be involved in your pregnancy and are willing to come to antenatal appointments and classes with you: you may want to consider asking one of these people to be your birth partner.

  • Discuss support and access with your baby’s father (if appropriate), and if you can’t agree, seek legal advice. You and your baby will benefit if an amicable arrangement is reached, and the sooner you start talking, the easier it will be after the birth.

  • Organize support for after the birth. A survey found that grand-parents who are actively involved in their grandchildren’s lives contribute positively to their wellbeing. If you don’t have family close by, try to build a network of other support that will see you through the early weeks.

  • Start thinking early about your career options for after the birth. You don’t have to make any decisions, but it helps to know some of the choices you may have to make later.

If you’re single and pregnant, don’t be alone – share the highs and the lows with those close to you.

The options for antenatal care vary from area to area. Whatever your type of care, any ultrasound scans, investigations, and tests are likely to take place at a hospital. Your other options are likely to be:

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| May 11, 2019

I struggle to sleep during nights and sometimes I wake up at 4am and cannot sleep until 6 to 6. 30 am. I need to anyhow get up at 7 am to get ready for work. Also my throat becomes very dry so I have to keep on drinking water in the nights and also to toilet which again breaks my sleep. Is there any solution to improve my sleep

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| Jun 19, 2018

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| Jun 05, 2017

Don't get exposed yourself to high stress. Relax , exercise and follow a well balanced and nutritious food. Try to get enough sleep when possible.

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| Jun 01, 2017

I have been working night shifts lately. Due to that my food and sleep timings have changed drastically. Will this affect me or my baby? How can I cope?

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