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6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant
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Set yourself some fitness standards to see you through your pregnancy

Getting in shape now will stand you in good stead as your pregnancy continues. Keeping active is important, so work up a daily exercise routine to strengthen your muscles and reduce fatigue – but listen to your body and don't exhaust yourself. This week your baby's vital organs, including the lungs and gut, start to develop. Your baby's head already looks too big for his body as the brain rapidly enlarges.

Embryo While 6 Weeks Pregnant

  • The yolk sac has shrunk but is still supplying nutrients to the embryo.
  • The embryo measures 8mm crown to rump.
  • The heart is now providing your baby with a simple circulation.
  • The liver is starting to make blood cells.
  • Nostrils appear as shallow pits.
  • The arm and leg buds are lengthening.
  • The placenta is becoming well established, although it is not yet ready to function as a supply line.
  • A prominent forehead bulges out as the brain develops.

As of now, your baby is the size of a blueberry and is growing at a remarkable place. In fact, if one thinks of it the only thing growing faster than your baby's brain and overall development are your sensitive, achy breasts.

The Baby's Development When 6 Weeks of Pregnant

It is now that the embryonic form of your baby is going to start transforming into a real little person. He or she will start having arms, legs and a beating heart. Interestingly, they also have a tiny tail at this moment, which will soon disappear. How amazing, isn't it?

By week 7, your baby has already gone through three sets of kidneys, but by this week they will start forming their final set, which will help in the baby's waste management. Soon, your baby is going to start passing urine that will constitute a part of amniotic fluid.

The Baby's Size At 6 Weeks Pregnant

Size wise, as of now your baby is around the size of a blueberry, which is around quarter of an inch in length. Bobbing around in your womb, your baby is now indeed 10,000 times bigger than what is was in the conception stage. Aren't you in awe just thinking about the kind of growth your baby has been able to go through?

At the 7th week of pregnancy, most of your baby's growth is concentrated around his or her head as new brain cells are getting generated at the rate of 100 times per minute. Soon, you will be carrying a budding genius in your arms. Your baby is going to bud out and will have arms and legs beginning to sprout and grow longer and stronger. Categorising them into the segments of hands, arms and shoulder, along with leg, knee and foot segments. As of now limbs look more like paddles, than the actual hand and feet. Even though technically your baby is still considered as embryo, he or she has a tail, which is nothing but an extension of its tailbone. As of now, your baby has doubled up in size!

Changes In You at 6 Weeks Pregnant 

During the past five week or so, now your uterus has doubled up in size. The mucus on your cervix is beginning to thicken up, leading to a formation of plug, which will keep your uterus sealed till the time you give birth to your baby. During the 7th week of pregnancy, you might not notice any visible physical changes in your body. Even though every pregnancy is different and has a unique note on which it develops, if you have had a child before you might look pregnant sooner than you did during your first child. You might feel sick, nauseate, queasy, sick – or not. Lack of symptoms has nothing to do with being in an abnormal pregnancy, it just means that you have a different pace at which your pregnancy is treating you.

Even though by now, apart from your partner, family and close friends, you aren't revealing it to the outside world that you are pregnant, your baby is surely telling you its tell-tale signs of his or her existence. You might be suffering from pregnancy nausea, which goes on during the day and night time, you might have excess saliva pooling in your mouth, or you might be having ginormous large breasts, 7th week of pregnancy can bring all this with is arrival!

Talking of bigger breasts, your breasts might start to look way too big, making you opt for a full new cup size of bra. How so ever mad you were to get larger boobs, this might not be a joyous thought as it is often accompanied with tender, tingly and achy breasts. This all happens because of the mischievous oestrogen and progesterone hormones, which leads to building up of fat inside your breasts. You might also witness areola (the dark area around your nipples), which continue to grow darker and larger for a couple of months to come. You might also notice some small pimple-like spots on the areola, called as Montgomery tubercles. They are nothing but sweat glands swelling up in the process of providing lubrication to the areola.


Apart from this, you also might need to pee more than the usual, because of the spike in blood levels and extra fluids being processed through your kidneys. As your uterus will continue to swell up, you will have more often visits to the bathroom, adding extra pressure to your bladder.


During this time, it is best advisable to be not be around people who are unwell. As people suffering from rubella and parvovirus can be picked up by your tender body easily. During this time, it is also suggestive to be weary of being around certain animals, such as lambs, cat litter trays and cat poos as they can carry a parasitic infection that can leads to further complications in pregnancy.

Nutrition for 6 Weeks Pregnant

  • Cope with food aversions intelligently: If just a mere look at chicken breasts isn't something you can stand or a taste of fish is leaving you nauseated or a piece of cheese is making your digestive tract jump in anguish, then it is about time you understand that pregnancy food aversions are very much real. They can also be quite confusing at times, as once marked as your favourite food might be making you puke during this time. The best advice to tackle this is by tackling to your taste buds by all means. Find substitutes for foods and smells you can't stand and rejoice them to the fullest, without compromising on vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Salads should be a mainstay of your diet: Consuming one to two bowls of salad on daily basis will make your baby rejoice in the glory of vitamins and minerals. This will help in keeping constipation at bay, which is one of the most common pregnancy complaint. Do load up on fiber-rich foods, such as raisins, brand, apricots and leafy greens.
  • Work out with light weights: Work with light weights in order to tone and keep your lower back, buttocks, shoulders and hamstrings in shape. This will lead to strengthening of your pelvic muscles, a must-have ability to push a stroller, wield a diaper bag and carry a baby later.
  • Snub those cravings of pregnancy with healthier alternatives: Think of healthy choices and not just indulge in empty calorie foods. Think of eating popsicles, sorbet or low-fat yogurts instead of ice cream; whole grain toast with jam, instead of fried pastries or donuts; low-sugar hot cocoa milk instead of one full chocolate bar; and crackers and peanut butter or pumpkin or banana bread, instead of sugar-laden cookies, pies and cakes.

Nutrition For Baby At 6 Weeks

  • Limit your intake of fatty fishes: Fishes are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and hence must be included in a healthy pregnancy diet. Consume shrimp, light tuna (which carries low levels of mercury), catfish and herring, sardines and salmon. Avoid consuming king mackerel, swordfish or sharks as they have higher levels of mercury, which are harmful for your baby's brain or nervous system
  • Tricks to survive through morning sickness: Eat smaller but much frequent meals. Get plenty of rest and power naps all throughout the day. Sniff on lemon or ginger or eat watermelon in order to keep nausea at distance. You can also eat baked potato chips, avoid on a lot of spicy seasonings, in order to relieve you from painful morning sickness. Make sure to pop in your Vitamin B6 tablets, and ask your doctor to help you with morning sickness alleviating medicines


Common Worries When 6 Weeks Pregnant

Are you at risk at work during your pregnancy? If you are worried that your job might be hazardous for you because of your work type, then it is imperative to keep in mind following things:

  • You should not indulge in heavy lifting or carrying heavy stuff
  • Avoid working for a longer period of time
  • Don't work in an environment where you are exposed to toxic substances
  • Avoid standing or sitting in front of your laptop or work stations for long without taking adequate breaks

Announcing The Pregnancy

It often said that you shouldn't be announcing your pregnancy before you are in twelve weeks of your pregnancy. But if you are extra excited to break your pregnancy news, then do go ahead as it is entirely upto you.

Nausea And Frequent Urination When 6 Weeks Pregnant

Between the nausea and the need to pee, you might need a breather! If you are spending a lot of time in bathroom these days, then make sure to not cut back on liquid intake. You should in fact cut back on drinking more and more of coffee as it is diuretic.

How To Manage Fatigue Effectively

You might be feeling tired all the time. After all, your body is doing the Herculean task of making a placenta inside of you and this support system is going to fuel your baby's life, hence you are bound to be fatigued most of the time. Do inculcate a habit of eating six to seven small meals all throughout the day as it will help your queasy stomach by keeping your blood sugar levels in check. You might also be facing a peculiar issue of excessive saliva getting collected in your mouth, which will only end post the first trimester of your pregnancy. Only six more weeks to go!

Expert Advice for 6 Weeks Pregnant

"In 7th week of pregnancy the baby's brain starts developing rapidly. So you may notice bloating sensation, aches and pains, accompanied withheadaches, stress, fatigue, dehydration, tiredness, morning sickness, tender breasts and food cravings.It is recommended to plan your Antenatal visit soon, if not already taken. Take nutritious meal, and do follow correct medication as it is highly recommended. Some light exercise or walk may be very helpful. For tender breast, wear easy fitting undergarments and take gentle and warm showers."

Dr.Sadhna Singhal, Sr consultant in Obs & Gynae at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, New Delhi

Seasonal Pregnancy Care 6 Weeks Pregnant

Summer - Swimming is a great way to beat the heat during pregnancy. It will help in taking some weight off from your sciatic nerve while cooling you down. Also, do make sure to wear breathable fabrics during summer as they will prevent heat rash, by keeping you cool and refreshing. Eat more of cooler and healthier foods like raw fruits and vegetables to tackle the heat effectively.

Monsoon - Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables during monsoon season as they contain certain enzymes, which might be idyllic for bacterial growth. Stay away from chopped fruits if they have been kept in open for too long as the chances of bacterial growth might be escalated during monsoons.

Winter - Winter are extremely dry seasons, hence keeping your skin moisturised though a good spray of rose water or Vaseline after bath is a must. Make sure to massage your hair at least twice during a week and whenever you go out in skin, make sure to apply a generous amount of dermatologist-prescribed SPF lotion

Care During Seasonal Changes

Your heart rate is comparatively higher now and you should be easing upon your exercise now. Also, you might get over heated soon enough, so do make it a point to take well-timed water breaks. The biggest point to remember here is to not exercise to the level where you get short of breath.


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6weeks pregnant

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Your baby is going to bud out and will have arms and legs beginning to sprout and grow longer and stronger. | Laser Scanning

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