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7 Nutritive foods to improve your child’s concentration during exam time

Puja Sharma Vasisht
11 to 16 years

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7 Nutritive foods to improve your childs concentration during exam time

Food and nutrition have a direct impact on a child’s brain and mental development. This gains even more importance during exam time. When your child is under exam stress, a good diet plan will reap good results. Here is a list of seven food items that boost concentration and memory, reduce stress and anxiety. Discover these “seven pearls of wisdom” and create your own recipes of success for your child’s success!

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Beena Gohel

| May 07, 2017

very useful and informative

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| Apr 30, 2017

Very useful tips for growing children, thanks

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Shilpi Sharma

| Mar 18, 2017

very informative

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Tanisha Khanna

| Feb 28, 2017

Quite useful food tips for children during exams

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Latika Kakkar

| Feb 26, 2017

useful tips. Thanks

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Sakhi Dhingra

| Feb 24, 2017

I am glad to be d part of this ..... d suggestion r really very useful thanku

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Saishta Subba

| Feb 24, 2017

very helpful ...thanks

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Katheeja Ajees

| Feb 20, 2017

Very useful

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| Feb 11, 2017

very useful as my daughter is going to appear for boards

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