7 things to buy when your new born baby arrives

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7 things to buy when your new born baby arrives
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The arrival or even the news of the arrival of a baby in the family, calls for many tasks to be organized and one of them is shopping for the baby. Each parent wants to buy and provide the best to her baby. But shopping for the baby is not an easy job! There are just so many choices in the market that it is easy to get confused. To simplify it for you, here we have a list of 7 things you must buy to make the newcomer feel at ease when she arrives in the world.

1. Baby clothes: This one is a no-brainer. Every parent needs to put together a small collection of newborn clothes for the baby. This includes buying vests, socks, mittens, caps, cloth nappies, clothes, bibs, napkins, face towels amongst other things. Depending on the season, you may also need to buy a few woollen items to keep the baby cosy. For the initial months, buy only pure cotton clothes and clothes that have no loose threads, buttons, or strings on them. Keep attire simple and no fuss for maximum comfort of the baby.

Tip: Wash and sterilize each garment in a mix of hot water, soap, and antiseptic liquid before using it for the first time.

2. Baby linen: Whether you choose to have the baby sleep with you on the same bed, or in a separate cot, will determine the linen you need to buy. But for starters do invest in some small-sized sheets, a light-weight fleece blanket, some cotton throws, a small C-shaped pillow to provide support to the neck, bedding set, a mosquito net, and other bedding essentials. Keep multiple sets handy always.

Tip: Buy blankets that will not lint or pill, since a baby can inhale small bits of lose fibers.

3. Baby toiletries: A baby needs to have a separate set of toiletries that will cleanse her skin, but gently. Most doctors recommend buying a head-to-toe wash rather than separate shampoo and soaps. Also, nappy rash cream, a gentle moisturizer, edible oil like coconut, almond or even mustard oil for massage, a soft baby hair brush, baby wipes, tissues, diapers or nappy pads, etc. are some other grooming products you will need once the baby arrives.

Tip: You may choose to buy detergents specifically meant to wash baby clothes and bottles or choose a gentle washing soap instead.

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4. Essentials for the physical space: Once the baby’s personal stuff is taken care of, you need to prepare her room to keep her comfortable. This may include a cot (again depending on your decision of making the baby sleep with you or in a separate bed), cradle, a baby monitor, a bassinet, a carry cot, rocker, pram or stroller, a baby carrier,  (the ones that a parent can strap on his/her body when travelling), a car seat, a bath chair etc.

Tip: Though a lot of these items initially seem very handy, you may not end up using all, so choose wisely.

Tip: Choosing these items will largely depend on your lifestyle and movement. Also the stage at which the baby will use any of these items will vary depending on when the baby is able to hold his neck, sit up straight etc.


5. Baby feeding essentials: It is advised that the baby be exclusively breastfed for the first six months, but you may choose to go in for a comfortable breast pump in case you can’t breastfeed the whole 6 months (joining work, travelling, etc.). You can choose either a manual or an electric one. Also, do invest in a good bottle sterilizer. The traditional practice of boiling bottles or utensil is no longer endorsed by experts since it does not kill all germs.

Tip: When buying baby utensils always look for high-quality BPA free plastic.


6. Baby toys: Though a newborn sleeps through most part of the day, but they get highly attracted to sounds—both human and of toys. Buy some toys that will play out soft melodies to your little one. Also, do buy a cot mobile that will engage the interest of your baby while you catch up on your chores. Some other toys worth investing are: rattles, a baby gym, projectors, and a few chewable toys.

Tip: It is essential to sterilize the baby toys too, especially the ones that your baby holds in his hands or chews upon.


7. Miscellaneous: Now that you have sorted out the feeding, clothing, bathing, entertainment, and nap essentials of an infant, some miscellaneous stuff such as a baby nail clipper (you will be surprised at how often you may have to use it), a baby thermometer (an ear thermometer that takes reading in a second of time is ideal), a baby medicine dispenser, some bed protection sheets, changing mats, a diaper bag for yourself, bottle warmers cum holders. And yes don’t forget to buy disposable wipes and tissues in bulk!

Tip:  Items such as baby nail clippers and baby thermometers may be expensive but since they will stay with you till the child is at least 7-8 years, at the end of it, it will be worth all the money!

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check how to buy clothes for newborn

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| Sep 23, 2016

@Tripti, good question. However experts suggest to go for edible oils like coconut oil, mustard oil or almond oil for massaging your baby.

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Why inorganic oil for massage???

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All the baby basics covered in this blog. An efficient work done by Parentune team.

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I wanted to buy some things for my sister's baby and felt something was missing thanks to Parentune now I know what I was missing.

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A good list of stuff one not miss these all.

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Interesting and quite informative blog on all that we need to stock up after the baby comes.

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