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8 Essential things to pack when taking your child to swimming pool

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Updated on May 05, 2020

 8 Essential things to pack when taking your child to swimming pool
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Temperatures may have gone down a little bit, yet a refreshing dip in a pool is a welcome relief for every child. No matter what the age, every child gets excited by the sight of swimming pool. However, as a mother the thought of taking your child to a swimming pool makes you nervous of what to pack? Then worry not and read on as we have compiled a list of absolute essentials for parents to bring to the pool.

1. Swimsuits: With a child in tow it always helps to be prepared. So it is better to pack two swimsuits. If you want to avoid the hassles of changing room then you ask the child to wear the swimsuit beneath his/her regular clothing and one extra pair you can pack.

2. Sunscreen:  Before you think of applying sunscreen to your child, please ensure that it is gentle on your child’s skin. Ideally you should apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outside and reapply if need be. Water-resistant” sunscreen also wears off - check the label to see how soon you'll need to reapply.

3. Sun Hats: Sun Hats are essential for your child, as they will protect them from direct rays of the sun. Make sure when you are shopping for hats to find one with a wide brim and a chin harness. Chin harness is helpful to keep the hat secure on your child’s head.

4. Towels: For hygienic reasons it is better to take your own towels even if they are provided at the pool side. Carry at least a pair of towel for your child.    

5. Swim goggles: Swim goggles are another essential you need to pack to prevent your child’s eyes from the chlorinated water of the pool.

6. Clean underwear and dry change of clothes: This is a must. Post dip in the pool and a shower, it is always advisable to wear a fresh change of clothes.

7. Water bottle and little snacks: Keep a bottle or two of drinking water. You should also carry some snacks with you because swimming will make your little one quiet hungry and that too pretty soon.

8. Pool toys: If your child is young then it is advisable to buy some pool toys, as your child will love to play with them in the pool.

Don’t forget to keep few plastic bags to keep wet towels and wet clothes. With so many tips, we are sure that trip to the pool will be more fun than you imagined.

Have fun!

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| Jun 18, 2016


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| Jun 22, 2016

Interesting and handy tips to keep in mind while planning to take your child to swimming.

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| May 19, 2017

Very informative ...

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| May 31, 2017

consolidated list of required items.. really helpful

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