8 Healthy Travel Snacks For Your Toddler

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8 Healthy Travel Snacks For Your Toddler
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Have you been planning for a trip with your family? Is the trip going to be a long one and you are already worried about your little one who likes to throw tantrums when hungry? If yes then do not worry as I will give you a list of healthy snacks that you can pack for your toddler who can enjoy snacking all the way to the destination. Making sure you pack adequate travel snacks is the best way to ensure a sobbing free trip with your child. Here are the best options that you can pack for your toddler when travelling-

  1. Fruits: Fruits are the best option for snacking when you are travelling with a child. Berries, apples, bananas and a lot more can be taken and eaten fresh. You can pack the fruits in a container after washing them thoroughly. Make sure you also carry a knife with you safely wrapped up in papers and plastic bag that will help you slice up the fruits in sizeable portions so your child can eat with an ease
  2. Vegetables: Surprisingly you can even take vegetables with you on the trip such as baby tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, peas and carrots. Wash them prior packing and your child can feed on them as a healthy snacking option that will keep you off any worries
  3. Yogurt: This is a great and a healthy option for toddlers as well as adults. Being a good source of vitamin D and calcium, yogurt supports bone and teeth health. Regular yogurt as well as flavoured yogurt can be chosen from for your child who might be fussy when it comes to eating healthy
  4. Apple sauce: Mashed and cooked apples will give your child satisfaction when he/she craves for a sweet tooth. You can prepare this apple puree at home and pack it in a container to avoid any leak. Carry a small spoon along with which you can feed your child on the way
  5. Mashed foods: You might be training your child to eat non-puree foods but it is advisable to pack mashed potatoes or any other kind of eatables that you prefer for your little one who won’t throw any tantrums while having the same. Since you will be travelling, mashed foods will make it simpler for your child to digest on the way
  6. Fruit juice: You can prepare fresh fruit juice at home before embarking up on your trip and pack them in a container. To avoid any spillage, you can even carry a couple of straws so your child can easily sip on to his/her drink whilst on the journey. Make sure that the fruits are fresh and your child consumes the same on an immediate basis
  7. Granola bars: You can make granola bars at home with the simple recipes available online. Since most granola bars contain oats, which are high in nutrients, you can prefer it for a healthy snack option for your little one
  8. Milk: Last but not the least, if you are still feeding your toddler with breast milk or formula milk, pack it in a clean container so your toddler can sip on to it frequently during the trip

These healthy snacks can be packed in a sufficient quantity so that your toddler doesn’t starve. Long journeys can make toddlers cranky at times when they are hungry, which is why storing enough of snacks will keep you away from any worries about having to find them in the middle of the journey.

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